Camtasia free download for windows 10, 7 & 8.1

Camtasia can be used by Trainers to make learning easy, YouTubers to create videos that are engaging and appealing to the eyes, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Teachers who want to make learning interactive and fun and just about anyone who wants to make good and stunning videos.

Camtasia free download for windows 10, 7 & 8.1

Features of Camtasia


This is one of the very important features of Camtasia as it gives different options on how you can Screencast to output to your screen. You have the options to record from Webcam, record a Screencast or record from a collection of animations, images, audio and video elements on the timeline.

On the Screencast option,  you can capture the system audio,  you can resize the recording video and you can make use of automatic captions. You can also import several videos types of video and audio files like MP4, MP3, WMV, WMA, AVI, WAV and many etc. This files can also from Google Drive or your mobile device.


Camtasia provides you with effects that you can use to make your video unique. For instance, the graphics effect can be added to your recorded video to help the viewers of your video focus their attention on the graphics which can be very important when showing something very useful.

You can create a library of assets, download a free library of music,  title clips and theme images. You can add images, animations,  audios and videos from Camtasia and your own, you can zoom and pan,  create engaging transitions and add closed captions.


Camtasia provides a way to share your edited videos on the web through social networking sites. To import media to Camtasia is very easy, it is just like any other Open file dialogue,  everything imported to the program is stored in the ‘media Bin’ and you can also access every preset media that comes with the program.

All formats of videos are allowed to be imported to Camtasia after which they are converted to CAMREC format – which is the format readable by Camtasia.

You can export entire video projects under development as a ZIP file -which is portable- to other workstations on Camtasia or any other video editing software. Final results of videos can be exported as any video format. Camtasia Player v8.2 is available for Microsoft Windows users only. Camtasia Player v8.2 supports replays of varieties of video formats.

Supports two P.Cs

With a single license and purchase, you can install your Camtasia file on two laptops. However, you can’t do this with the free trial.

Update on Generic Features On Camtasia

  • Brand new library for better navigation and access.
  • New Powerpoint add-ins as well as quizzes and many other interactive elements to videos.
  • New video assets, animate objects, text and create transitions features to enhance your videos. Added feature to Import, edit and produce in 60 frames per second, it preserves the original quality of b-roll, phone footage and video clips with a smooth and professional video result.
  • No limit to the number of animations to be used in a video.

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