How to get Adobe Premiere pro for free 

Adobe Premiere Pro Software

If you have been searching for how to get Adobe Premiere Pro free and have not gotten it, your problems are about to be over. Therefore, in this post, I am going to take you through step by step on how you can get the free version of Premiere pro.

Premiere Pro is a video editing software launched by Adobe Systems in 2003 for televisions, websites, and movies. Professionals, movie makers, and also cinematographers are the ones who use this software the most.  It lets professionals turn raw footage into stunning cinema projects.

Furthermore, Adobe premiere pro free is useful for turning basic videos into quality and high definition videos. It is an upgraded version of Adobe Premiere Elements and is also used to export videos to necessary formats. It can also work with many Adobe applications such as Photoshop, After effects, Adobe Audition and so on. Some features of premiere pro are:

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro free trial

  1. Multiple projects: You can open more than one project at a time to make it easier to edit. The one you are currently editing will appear on the top of the interface so that you will not get confused.
  2. Color correction: You can apply colors to whichever clip you choose when using Premiere pro free.
  3. Essential Graphics: Premiere Pro is used for creating titles, graphics, and animations.
  4. Effects: It has many effects; some are fixed while others are standard. Some effects on Premiere Pro free are:
  • Motion, Opacity, Volume, Time remapping. (FIXED)
  • Plug-ins, Accelerated, GUV, Group effects. (STANDARD)
  1. Transitions: Transition is like the continuation of a film. Moving a film from one shot to another shot. Premiere Pro provides many transitions that you can add to your videos. Some of these are: Zoom, fade in/out, In, Light Leak, spin, Luma fade, and so on
  2. Shared projects: Everyone working on a project can access it on their computer. The project is stored in a server for all of them to be able to view and perform necessary editing.
  3. Libraries: By creating libraries, you can organize your projects or assets.
    Premiere Pro Editing Interface
    Premiere Pro Editing Interface

    Editing Interface
    Premiere Pro Editing Interface


Some benefits when you download Adobe premiere for free are;

  1. You get to use it and become familiar with it before making payments.
  2. The interface of premiere pro is always up to date and also responsive.
  3. It supports lots of video formats.
  4. You can edit the position of a clip.
  5. You can change the sound dynamics of your videos using premiere pro free.

Uses of Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. To create and edit video content.
  2. It is also useful when mixing audio clips.
  3. Professionals use it to convert speech into text.
  4. You can also edit closed captions when using Premiere Pro free trial.
  5. It is also useful when editing television advertisements or website videos.
Editing Interface 1
Premiere Pro Editing Interface
Editing Interface pics
Premiere Pro Editing Interface

Films edited using Premiere Pro

There are so many movies that have been edited using Premiere Pro and some of them are;

  1. In a heartbeat
  2. Dead pool
  3. Gone girl
  4. Terminator: Dark fate
  5. A liar’s autobiography
  6. Sharknado 2
  7. Act of valor
  8. Dust to Glory
  9. Waiting for Lightning
  10. Thunderbirds are Go


Minimum System Requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro

Before deciding whether you need to download Premier Pro free or purchase it, there are some requirements your computer must meet. Some of those requirements for Windows or macOS are;

  • 64-bit multi-core processor / 64 bit Windows 10
  • 8GB Hard disk space
  • Internet connectivity for downloading, activating and updating.

Downloading Adobe Premiere Pro free

This is the main purpose of this post. I will list the steps on how to get the free trial of Premiere Pro.

First and foremost, you visit Adobe’s website. Right-click on “start free trial”. The next screen will ask you to input your e-mail, when you do that, click continue. Add payment details on the next window and also click continue. After that, your Premiere Pro free trial file will be on your computer system (Check the bottom left of your browser interface or download history). Open the file and run it. Your installation process will start and this might take a few time but be patient. After installation, your software is now ready to use.

Lastly, if you do not want to subscribe to it, make sure you cancel your subscription before the 7 days elapse.

How much can I purchase Adobe Premiere Pro?

Once your trial is over and you want to continue using it, you have to go ahead and pay for Premiere pro. There are three payment methods;

The annual plan is $20.99, the Monthly plan is $31.49 and the yearly plan is $239.88.

Head over to Adobe’s website if you decide to purchase it.


Finally, that is all you need to know if you want to get Premiere Pro free. It is a powerful tool that uses every tool available to create videos of quality. Editors now have a powerful tool that allows them to do complex editing.


Adobe Premiere Pro Free Trial Download (Mac/Windows)