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Archicad free trial

If you are an Architect, this tutorial will be of immense value to you as we look at how to get ArchiCAD free trial. As an Architect, you know that what your designs depends largely on the tools you have. And having access to exceptional CAD tools with BIM functionalities will give your designs the boost it deserves. Hence, we will explore ArchiCAD offer right here. What is ARCHICAD? It is a BIM software created for Architects to use on both the Macintosh and Windows. Its developer is Graphisoft a Hungarian company. In addition, Architects use the tool for creating the design of buildings from the idea stage to completion.

Apart from Architects, engineering and construction industries also use the software. Furthermore, the difference between AutoCAD and ArchiCAD is that AutoCAD is for drafting, 3D modelling, and rendering and the user creates drawing from 2D-line. But in ArchiCAD, you have a huge increase in productivity and a better-coordinated design. Also, you have a computer model adapted from how you build houses. ArchiCAD has a full version, trial, and educational version. And, the trial version, offers full functional BIM design tools you would love to have as an Architect. Moreover, you have interactive videos to guide you during the trial period so that you can learn without any stress. Therefore, without further delay, let us show you how to get the ArchiCAD free trial now.

Archicad free trial

System Requirements

The system requirements for the ArchiCAD free trial are as follows.

Recommended Operating Systems: Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 while for the macOS 10.12 Sierra and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Recommended hardware Processor: 64-bit processor with four or additional cores, RAM: 16 GB or additional, 32 GB or additional may be required, Hard disk: installing ARCHICAD on an SSD (or Fusion) drive is suggested; 5 GB free disk space is needed for the installation, and 10 GB or additional is need per active project. Learn more.

Steps for getting the ArchiCAD free trial

  1. Go to
  2. And Click on the Register and Download button. Then enter your personal details, country, email, and password, agree to the term of use and privacy policy and click the Sign-Up button.
  3. After Registering you will get a GraphiSoft ID to sign in to their platform and be able to download the application for your Mac OS or Windows operating system.
  4. Log on to your dashboard and locate downloads and select the ArchiCAD 21 software for your platform and click download. When the executable file shows up on the screen, click on SAVE File, and it will download to your computer downloads folder.
  5. To run the file, locate the software in your download folder and double click on it to open the ArchiCAD installer.
  6. Run the file and install the software. For details of how to install it click link
  7. To activate the software after running the installation, enter your user name and the serial number you received in your email from ArchiCAD when you registered. (Note that, you will receive a username and serial number after registering to enable you to activate your trial license)
  8. Additionally, launch the ArchiCAD software and choose trial license and click on continue.
  9. Go and copy the serial number as it is on your personal page on the ARCHIBALD Website and past it into the slots provided for it on the software. Also, enter your user ID which is normally the email you used to register. After entering that information click on Restart ArchiCAD.
  10. So, you can now begin your ArchiCAD free trial. It will run for 30 days. When it is about to end you can either buy the software or apply for a free 1-year license. You will be contacted by email to confirm whether you are qualified for it or not by Graphisoft officials. To qualify depends on whether it is for a non-commercial purpose like education.

What is the cost of ArchiCAD?

The price varies according to the license. However, the full estimate for buying a new ArchiCAD 17 license is about $4,995.

Features of the software ArchiCAD 21 software

  • Design. Re-engineered Column, and Beam tools
  • Visualization. One-click photo-realistic renderings with Twinmotion.
  • Note that ARCHICAD 23 allows architects to experience real-time rendering and photorealistic visualization with a smooth workflow of the Twinmotion live connection.
  • Performance. Faster response times.
  • Add-ons include Rhino Grasshoppers and ArchiCAD goodies
  • Visualization – BIMx rendering and virtual reality and rendering
  • And Modeling – Parametric Profiles, Stair Tool, Railing Tool, Curtain Wall Tool,  Window/Door, Object Tool, Modeling Tricks, Other Design Tools,

Limitations of ArchiCAD free trial software

To get the software is by simply registering for it at the ArchiCAD website but there are limitations to the trial software like the File format and Compatibility issues. They are as follows:

  • the files in the trial version are encrypted and can only open on the computer you created them
  • after 30 days the save function will stop working although you can still print.
  • but you can to convert the files to complete files when you buy a commercial license to unlock the protection.
  • and although TeamWork functions are available, it is limited because it is only on one machine. And you cannot open it on another computer.


In this tutorial, we showed you how to get an ArchiCAD free trial. Additionally, you can get the software by filling a form in the trial page and then downloading the software with details from the developer Graphisoft. Also, you can use the software for 30 days and you could also request for a 1-year free trial license especially if you need it for educational use. Get trial now.