CyberGhost Free Trial – How To Download And Use For Free

cyberghost free trial

This post is a review of how to get Cyberghost free trial. For those of you that use the Internet on a regular basis, you would know a few things about what a VPN is and how it works. However, for those that do not know what it means, let us explain further. So, what is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? It is a means for keeping your online identity safe, private and hidden. Furthermore, a VPN service makes this possible by allowing you to swap your fixed IP address with their own. Similarly, it is a known open secret that, all trustworthy VPN providers should allow you to decide the country you would like to get your new IP address from. So, we are bringing you one VPN service that you would love to have even for free. It is called Cyberghost.

Let us start off the review and ways to download the free trial version of Cyberghost.

Cyberghost free trial review

cyberghost free trial

Why should you choose Cyberghost among all the other VPN services?

There many reasons some are as follows. For instance, with Cyberghost, you can customize CyberGhost VPN and choose from specific Servers several features you can combine. Furthermore, it also has one of the most advanced filtering and feedback options existing on the market. Similarly, you can launch both browser and VPN connection with a click. You have total security when you connect your Wi-Fi, and so on. Its prices are also affordable ranging from USD$12.99 monthly, USD$5.99 yearly to USD$2.75 for 3 years.

Features of Cyber Ghost VPN

Here are good reasons to consider using the service of this VPN provider.

  • hide your IP
  • highest encryption available
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • Strictly no LOGS Policy – does not check with your internet activities
  • secure transactions and conversations 256 AES bit technology encryption
  • Global servers over 61 countries and 3700 VPN
  • Access Restricted content
  • Block Ads
  • Block Online Tracking
  • Flexible plans
  • Block malicious content
  • protect all your devices

Downloading Cyberghost free trial

This trial version of Cyberghost is completely free for one day only. Also, they do not require you to create an account or part with your credit card information. In addition, all they hope to achieve is to make you a customer by giving you its premium service for one full day. To get Cyberghost for free, follow these simple steps

  1. log in to the Cyberghost homepage or copy and paste this link into your browser
  2. Click, start your free trial (no credit required) Also, you will get a premium VPN experience, completely free for one day.
  3. The Cyberghost setup file will download on your computer. So you can save the file on your PC. The file is labelled cgsetup_en7dXUvagApc2mi6DX9ka5.exe Also, it is 54.7 Kilobytes in size.
  4. After downloading the setup file, close all open programs and double click on the file. This will launch the setup wizard that will guide throughout the installation process.
  5. After installation, Cyberghost will launch automatically.
  6. So, go on and enjoy a safe, private and anonymous internet experience with Cyberghost free trial.

Creating your free trial account

You can create an account from the web page click this link. You can also use “New to CyberGhost VPN? Signup Now” on the right side of the page. Enter your email and password and click sign up. Note, that the system will generate your personal PUK as you create your account. You might need it in the future to recover your account in case you lose your credentials. So, print it and save it somewhere.  Click save and download PUK.

Pricing and Billing of the Cyberghost Service

After using the Cyberghost free trial version which is the one-day premium service and you are okay with it, you may open an account and give them your email address. However, here are prices for the service to guide your decision too.

All billing plans are as follows:

  1. 1 month at 12.99/mo. Billed at 12.99 every month
  2. 1-year plan at 5.99/mo. Billed at $71.88 every year
  3. 2 years plan at $3.69/mo. Billed at 88.56 every 2 years
  4. 3 years plan at $2.75/mo. Billed at $99 every 3 years plus a 45-day money-back guarantee
  5. If you need a dedicated Ip -Billed at $5/mo.

cyberghost pricing

Payment Instruments for Services

You can pay for Cyberghost services with Credit Card – Master Card, American Express and Visa card. Also, you can use PayPal and BitPay and Bitcoin

Users Review of Cyberghost Service

6,948 Users submitted excellent five stars reviews while Trust Pilot gave CyberGhost 1 Star.

cyberghost review


In conclusion, Cyberghost free trial download review shows that you can get their VPN free trial service for one day only. However, you get Premium service for that 1 day. Also, you do not have to submit your credit card or open an account to enjoy the service. Kindly share your experience with this Vpn service provider.

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