Eset Nod32 Free Trial Download

Eset Nod32 trial

Do you own a computer or smartphone devices that you use to connect to the internet?  If you do, then you will need security for them to ward off Malware and Data Thieves. If you don’t, your devices could be attacked and your data will be stolen. Hence, to help you stop that before it happens, we will tell you how to get the Eset Nod32 trial and use it for 30 days. Now, you may be thinking so, what is Eset nod 32 all about. In simple terms, ESET NOD32 is an Antivirus solution.

Also, this software is total security for all your devices. Moreover, it has advanced intelligent technology that gives your devices maximum protection. The software engine uses artificial intelligence to stop your devices from attacks by viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, adware, and rootkits. Furthermore, it easily handles other threats without reducing the performance of your PC or interrupting your work. In addition, the software safeguards your privacy from ransomware and phishing. Moreover, it is easy to use. And you can confidently browse the internet to either work or play as long as you have the ESET NOD32 Antivirus protection on your devices. The software covers your Mac, Windows, Linux  Operating system and iOS, Android and so on. Therefore, here is a guide on how to Download Eset Nod32 Free Trial.

Eset Nod32 trial

Features of the Eset Smart Security Premium

  • Gives your devices total protection
  • Also, you can shop and bank online securely.
  • And safely store and pre-fill passwords
  • You have advanced protection that stops hackers
  • Encrypt files and photos
  • Additionally, the ESET Smart Security Premium is powered by NOD32 technology

Guide on the Eset Nod32 trial

The trial version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Smart Security is will last for thirty (30) days, during which time virus updates will work like a licensed version. Note that the Trial versions of ESET products do not get program updates. So at the end of the trial, the program will stop getting updates hence you would need to buy a premium copy to continue to enjoy complete protection.

Downloading Eset Nod32 trial

  1. Visit the Eset trial page at
  2. Click Download Free trial of Eset NOD32 Antivirus.
  3. When you click it, the online installer will be displayed on your screen.
  4. So, Click on Save File. This will save the file in your Download folder. It is a (.exe) file for Windows PC.

Installation of the Eset Nod32 free trial

Make sure you are connected to the Internet to install the  Eset Nod 32 Live installers.

  1. To start the process, double-click on the installation file and then follow the on the screen Instructions in the Installer Wizard.
  2. Then, choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu and on click Continue. Let the Eset installation files be downloaded on the computer.
  3. Next, study and accept the End-User License Agreement.
  4. After this step select an activation method. So, select Free trial
  5. Also, choose your choice for ESET LiveGrid feedback system and Detection of potentially unwanted applications.
  6. Next, choose your preference for participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
  7. And now, click the Install button to begin the installation of the Eset Nod 32 free trial. It may take a while so allow the installer to complete the process.
  8. Finally, click Done, to quit from the Installation Wizard. Then restart the computer.

License activation

When the computer starts, click on the ESET NOD32 Antivirus folder and open the program. And since you want to evaluate ESET NOD32 Antivirus before you buy, choose Free trial when the dialogue box opens to add a license. Go on an add your email address and country to activate ESET NOD32 Antivirus for a limited time of 30 days. After you have done that, Eset will send your trial license to you by email.

Kindly note that you can only activate one Trial license once per customer.


In this post, we showed you the steps for getting the Eset Nod32 trial. In addition, all you have to do to get it is visit the trial page and click Download. And then, run the installer and activate your product by using the license sent to your email from Eset.