How To Get Foxtel Now Free Trial

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This post will teach you how to get Foxtel now free trial. Foxtel Now is based in Australia and it is an internet television service that provides subscriptions to over 50 live channels and hundreds of video-on-demand titles. The service is owned by Foxtel, which started this business in August 2013 as Foxtel Play. So, you can start streaming the world’s best new shows and live sport instantly on your devices or with the Foxtel app. Also, Foxtel’s offer includes its latest original comedy series Upright and, its extensive library of HBO originals like the iconic Game of Thrones and Westworld. Right away start streaming live sport or your favorite new shows including every episode of Mr. Robot online anywhere and on the go. Besides, you can stream all matches of the Australian summer of cricket live, without ads during play.

And watch every important moment from the Hyundai A-League plus the most complete LIVE 2019/2020 NBA Season, and more. Besides, you can start watching Foxtel anytime, anywhere, on your own devices and it is compatible with your phone, tablet, and PC. Also, you can watch live Foxtel TV shows online or catch up with your favorite on-demand shows. And it is easy to use and you can join today and start streaming in minutes. So, join and create your own package, and start watching instantly and you can cancel anytime. Now that the excitement is high, I am sure you would like to have this offer. Therefore, let me explain how you can get the Foxtel now free trial.

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How To Get Foxtel Now Free Trial

Steps to get Foxtel Now free trial

If you are asking how you will get your free trial, just visit the Foxtel Now website, and then sign up to try the service and build your package.

  1. Visit the Foxtel Now website
  2. And sign up for a package you like by entering your email and creating a password. Also, put your postcode, telephone number and then click on Continue.
  3. Then, add on your additional premium packs and enter your credit card details.
  4. At this point, you will be debited on your chosen account on a monthly basis, in accordance with your monthly billing cycle.
  5. However, the price of your subscription depends on how many packs you choose. Note that a pack starts from $25 per month.
  6. After submitting your personal information and paying for the plan, you will receive a unique SMS code to activate your 10-day free trial.
  7. You can then sign-in on your devices; by using their website on PC and Mac, using the official app and on all other compatible devices and start watching.
  8. You now have the Foxtel Now free trial
  9. Also, before the trial expires, cancel your membership through My Account tab before you are charged, if you are not enjoying the service.

What you can enjoy in Foxtel Now free trial

When you sign up to Foxtel Now TV, you have to create your subscription by selecting some channel packs. And each pack gives you access to specific TV channels (and the on-demand content associated with it), so you can choose what you prefer.

You can begin by choosing the entry package (Pop + Lifestyle), then can add Premium Packs like Drama, Sport, and Movies. And if you subscribe to all the packages, you will get the speciality packs, Docos, and Kids, for free.

Note that the more packs you add, the more expensive your subscription will be once the trial ends. So, regardless of the number of packs you choose, the free trial will enable you to access them all. In addition, you have access to every program in Foxtel Now TV during the 10 days of the free trial.

But after the trial is over, you can then watch content from the packs you chose during the set up of your free trial subscription.

Foxtel Now Plans

  • Essentials + Sport pack at $54/mo
  • Essentials + Drama Extras pack at $35/mo
  • Also, you have Essentials + Docos pack at $35/mo
  • Essentials + Movies pack at $45/mo
  • Essentials + Kids pack at $35/mo

All Packs bundle costs $104 per month

Features of the free trial plan of Foxtel Now TV

Why you should get Foxtel Now TV today you will enjoy these features. they include.

  • Enjoy your favorite shows where and when you want.
  • Watch Foxtel anytime, anywhere, on your own devices
  • The platform is compatible with your phone, tablet, and PC
  • The service is easy to use: Join today and start streaming within minutes
  • Watch live Foxtel TV shows online or catch up with your favorites on-demand shows

Why don’t you get everything for $104 per month?

Now that you are getting the Foxtel Now free trial, why not get the full package?

  • Start watching everything live and on-demand
  • Big with the Essentials – Pop and Lifestyle: 25+ channels
  • Get Sport of 50+ sports on 13 channels
  • Also Movies: 10 channels of the hottest movies
  • And Drama Extra: 5 channels of premium UK & US dramas
  • Plus Kids: 8 channels of your kids’ favorite shows
  • Besides, you have Docos: 8 channels of fascinating truth
  • And there is no installation, start watching today
  • And the Free trial for 10 days
  • Also, there is no lock-in contract, so you can cancel anytime you want

Compatible devices you can watch Foxtel Now tv

Stream Foxtel Now TV live on any of these devices instantly: Foxtel Now Box, Android TV, Sony TV, iOS Mobiles/Tablets, Android Mobiles/Tablets, PC/Mac, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Telstra TV, PlayStation 3 AND 4, Xbox One AND Selected Samsung and LG Smart TVs

How to cancel your Foxtel free trial

Note that if you cancel the trial before it ends, you will still receive the full period of your trial.

  1. Go to My Foxtel Now TV website.
  2. And then log in to your account.
  3. Also, click on the Deactivate button.
  4. At this point, you will be sent to the page where you can Deactivate the Service.
  5. On that page fill in the form and click on the Deactivate button.
  6. And your service will be disconnected.


This article explained how to get Foxtel now free trial. You can get it by visiting the Foxtel Now TV website and signing up for the free trial. Then select the premium packages you love and then enter your credit card information and start watching instantly. You have access to everything that Foxtel has to offer during the free trial. Try Foxtel today.