How to Get CBS All Access free


CBS All Access free is a trial period of streaming videos without having to pay. It is an American top subscription for streaming movies and also television shows on demand. This service is owned by CBS Interactive, a media company that publishes digital content. They offer original content that is mostly newly aired from their library.

However, nothing good is free forever. You can only get CBS All Access for free the first 7 days of subscription.

CBS All Access free trial
CBS All Access free trial

One good thing about CBS is that you can stream on two devices at the same time but you can only watch the same show at the same time. Hence, let us take a look at some features with CBS All Access:

Features available with CBS All Access

  1. Latest shows: CBS All Access can stream all the newly released episodes of your favourite shows just a day after it is released. You don’t even need a cable television subscription for that. Some of the shows you can watch are NCIS, Evil, and so on. You can watch late night, primetime, reality, originals and so many varieties.
  2. Multiple devices: It streams to many devices like Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast and others so you get to watch on your television. You can also download the CBS app on your mobile devices, tablets, I-phones, I-pad, and Windows 10 systems.
  3. Classic Movies: It has the rights to lots of movies. You can stream classic shows like Taxi, I Love Lucy, Cheers, everybody hates Chris, mission impossible and so much more. The classic shows are usually without advertisements. For Star Trek lovers, you can watch every released episode.
  4. Live Streaming: It also offers live content and also trying to grow its subscribers/users.

Benefits of Subscribing for All Access for free

CBS all access free trial will air episodes of recent and current shows. You do not have to wait for a whole 5days for the show to air on mobile devices or whatever device you use. With CBS, you can watch it fresh from the oven. Fans of great shows will understand this, you don’t need to hear spoilers about your favourite shows. That is the value CBS provides.

You do not need to have an antenna to watch shows with CBS. If you use it with other devices, you will be able to see what is airing. Subscribing for CBS is worth all the money spent. Since there is CBS All Access free for 7days for new subscribers, there is no harm in trying.

Shows on CBS All Access

If you get CBS All Access free trial, here are some of the shows you will have access to:

  • Tell me a story
  • Why Women kill
  • The Good Fight
  • Strange Angel
  • NCIS
  • Star trek
  • One Dollar
  • The Twilight zone
  • Angel’s eyes
  • Criminal minds
  • The Game
  • Beauty and the Beast and much more…

How to get CBS All Access free trial

To sign up for CBS All Access for free, go to the website. Scroll down and click try it free. The next interface will demand you pick your plan. Tap continue. You will get two plans (Limited commercials and commercials free). The pricing for this two are different, I will explain further when we discuss pricing. Choose the one you can afford and click the continue button. Then, you will have to create an account. Input your name, state, zip code, password, and whatever information that is there.

Tap continue and input your Payment plans in the next interface. Once that is done, scroll down and tap on “Start CBS All Access” at the bottom right of your screen.

Finally, your account has been created. Your free trial should start now. You can stream movies on CBS All Access free for the next 7days.

Pricings of CBS

Pricing Plans Shot
CBS All Access Pricing Plans

Firstly, to subscribe without advertisement interruption is $9.99 per month. For a yearly plan, you will have to pay $59.99

Secondly, subscription with limited commercials is $5.99 every month and it is also $99.99 per year.


Finally, you can now get CBS All Access free. Have a wonderful time watching those fantastic shows and also being up to date with each release of every episode. Lest I forget, if you do not want to make any payment after your 7 days trial expires, do not forget to cancel your subscription. That said, have a nice time streaming those movies.