Keyshot Free Trial – How to download and try it for free

Keyshot free trial

If you are inventive, you will get access to software that will enable you to create fantastic work in the engineering, architecture or filmmaking and animation fields. And, Software abounds that you can use for free. You can even do 3D rendering of images in a fast easy and accurate way with some of them. Furthermore, a software product that fits those descriptions is KeyShot and, you can get a KeyShot free trial too. What is KeyShot? This software will enable you to produce a computer rendering of an image. What that means is that you use the computer to generate a real-time 3D image with the aid of KeyShot software.

You can also get the best quality images looking real with any kind of laptop or desktop, adjust light and even position your camera quicker than you can think. This software is fast, accurate and easy to use with its drag and drop interface. Also, you can make scientific products, do editing and animation or create interactive visuals and sales and marketing images in simple steps. Furthermore, the software is loaded with features you can use to do so much, and that is why we are exploring how you can get the KeyShot free trial. Let us begin by sharing the key features you will get with the trial.

Keyshot free trial

Key Features of the KeyShot free trial Software

They include:

  • Real-time Ray-tracing
  • Drag and Drop Materials
  • Procedurals Textures
  • Interactive Labeling
  • Real-world HDRI Lighting
  • Physical Lighting
  • Also, the software has Full Camera Control capability
  • Pantone® and RAL® Colors
  • Part and Camera Animation
  • Focused Caustics
  • Additionally, it has HDR Editor
  • Widest 3D File Format Support
  • Plugins for Top Modeling Software
  • Also, it comes with Image Styles
  • Cutaways
  • Spotlights
  • Displacement
  • Bubbles/Flakes
  • Scattering Medium
  • Multi-layer Optics
  • And glTF plus GLB Export

System Requirements

Before you start the installation of the free trial of Keyshot software, confirm that your system meets the minimum hardware and operating system requirements. For Windows operating system: 7, 8, or 10 Windows Server 2012 and above Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon and 64 processors, while for macOS 10.10 or newer plus Intel Core 2 Duo or newer

Also, to get get the exact requirements for your Mac OS or Windows see the system requirements fact sheet.

KeyShot free trial limitations

You can try KeyShot 8 for 14 days and use it on your Windows or Mac operating system. Also, this trial license has all the best features except that its output rendering is watermarked. In addition, the option for save, render queue and background render is not accessible.

Steps for getting Keyshot free trial

  1. Visit the trial page
  2. Fill the form. Enter your first and last name, company, email, current modelling software, and current rendering solution. (Type in a valid email to receive download links and instructions.) Keyshot free trial signup form
  3. Additionally, agree to the privacy policy from Luxion and do the reCAPTCHA test and click the Submit Button
  4. Then, you will get a thank you and instructions from Luxion. Now, go and check your email.
  5. Open it and follow the steps in the email to download and install your trial of KeyShot Pro + KeyShotXR.
  6. Go ahead and, Download KeyShot for either the Windows or Mac OS via the email link.
  7. Next, Install and Activate KeyShot. Click on the .exe or .dmg file depending on whether it is a Windows or Mac system. When the installation starts, follow the on-screen instructions until it completes.
  8. Next, launch the KeyShot app and select “Try a watermark-free 14-day demo license.”
  9. Also, learn how to use the software by checking out the resources at the bottom of the email from Luxion. Furthermore, click the link to the KeyShot Tutorials and Quickstart Tips there. Finally, you can also get free plugins from the website too.
  10. Enjoy your 14 days KeyShot free trial.

Price list of KeyShot

In case you wish to buy the software after the trial ends, here are prices of the various types of keyshot. To get more details of these prices you can click that link.

However, the list is as follows.

  • KeyShot HD $995
  • And KeyShot Pro $1,995
  • KeyShot Pro Floating $2,995
  • Keyshot Enterprise is at $3.995


In this post, we showed you how to get the get Keyshot free trial. Also, you need to go to the developer’s website, fill a form and get instructions and the link to download the software by email. Try the application and send feedback on your experience with the software.


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