Melodyne Trial Version Download

Melodyne free trial

Are you a music producer, or work in a music studio? If you are, then getting the Melodyne trial will enhance your capacity to record and produce music that will make waves in good time. You may be wondering what is Melodyne. Just so you know, Melodyne is a music recording editor. The app gives you a new way to record music as it enables you to read the tempo of music from a number of chords.

Additionally, Melodyne allows you to work with audio in a brand new way. And using the features of Melodyne makes you more musical, faster, and allow you to be more imaginative. Furthermore, using Melodyne to work is addictive due to its excellent music editing capability. And your production results in exceptional sound quality as if you are magically playing music by intuition. Hence, you cannot compare this software to others when you are doing music production or other music operation activities. Finally, because you would want the best, so, in this post, we will show you how to download the Melodyne free trial version of this app. Let us begin the guide right away.

Melodyne free trial

System requirements

For Melodyne 4, the system requirement for macOS are Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), macOS 10.6.8 and 10.11.x to 10.14.

While for Windows they are Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit recommended), ASIO-compatible audio hardware.

Features of the Melodyne free trial software

Melodyne boasts of great features for producing spectacular music such as:

  • Editing tempo
  • An editing pitch
  • Scales and tunings
  • editing timing
  • offers Algorithms – melodic, polyphonic, percussive and universal

Downloading free Melodyne trial

1a. From Google search, visit the website’s download link and download a trial version of Melodyne 4 that is an 87MB dmg file for mac Os only.

1b. Furthermore, you can also download from the app from the trial page on the website. But you need to select Windows or Mac Os. See the links for Melodyne 4 for Windows (approx. 100 MB) and Melodyne 4 for macOS (approx. 100 MB)

  1. Here are important Notes before you download your trial version. Read them and click Download.
  2. Also, the Melodyne Demo dmg file or Windows file will download to your computer as part of the step towards getting the Melodyne trial.
  3. Next, Save the file and Run the software to install on either your Mac OS or Windows Computer.
  4. Then, look for the application in the folder or program files and click on it to Launch it
  5. When you launch the Software, you will get a message on the screen to Activate Melodyne 4. Switch to Trial Mode on the Melodyne editor instead of activating it since you do not have a license.
  6. You can also use Playback Mode at any time without registration, activation or even an Internet connection. There is a general program code in the software that allows you to work with an installation that was not activated, by changing to Trial Mode on the Melodyne editor. In the Trial Mode, you can use Melodyne editor’s entire function for a restricted amount of time. However, when the trial period expires, Melodyne will go back to the original license form.
  7. So, start using your Melodyne free trial for 30 days now that you know all these steps.


In this post, we showed you how to download the Melodyne trial version. You get access by visiting the developer’s website to download it. Use it in the trial mode without activating it and share your user experience.