How to Get Ancestry Free Trial

Ancestry free trial

This post will give you a simple guide on how to start Ancestry free trial. Genealogy, history, and DNA are connected when you think of discovering your roots. We are living in exciting times when you can do a lot, using the power of the internet and technological advancement. So, it does not matter where you live on the planet, you can trace your history and know your origin from the website.

As at date, the website claims to have over 20 million members that have used its resources to connect their Ancestry. So, to verify the claims, you can start a free trial of the features of the 3 plans they offer before you buy.

Ancestry free trial

And during the free trial period of Ancestry, you can get an in-depth family story by building a family tree or take a DNA test to find out your origin. Besides, Ancestry has the world’s largest set of online records that makes it possible to trace your family tree far into many generations. In addition, AncestryDNA reveals the place you come from. It also gives you the exact geographic fact and clear historical insights. And then links you to the places in the world where your story began. For example, it gives you unique regions your relatives that are alive reside. Besides, you can use both AncestryDNA and deep family tree to learn astonishing things about yourself. Therefore, to launch this exciting journey of self-discovery, let us show you how to get the Ancestry free trial.

Ancestry free trial review

You should note that free trial on the Ancestry website automatically changes into paid subscriptions after two weeks (14 days). But, if you cancel your free trial during the trial period, it will end automatically, and you will not be charged.

Also, to make sure that everyone gets only one trial, you will need to enter a payment method to start a free trial. And you will receive a small pre-authorization charge on your payment method to confirm the card information. Ancestry will also reverse this charge instantly.

Additionally, if you select a monthly membership, your paid subscription will start after your two-week trial and it will be renewed automatically on the monthly plan. If you choose a six-month membership, your paid subscription will start after your two-week trial and it will be renewed automatically at every six months interval.

Ancestry features

3 subscriptions plans on the Ancestry Platform

Furthermore, there are free trials for each of the three subscriptions on the Ancestry website. When the trial ends Ancestry will bill you at these rates unless you cancel.

  • the U.S. Discovery plan, to access all U.S. records on Ancestry at $19.99/mo and 6 months at $99.
  • World Explorer, to Access all U.S. and international records on Ancestry at $34.99/ mo and 6 months at $149.
  • and the All Access plan, to get full membership to Ancestry,, Basic and at $49.99/mo and 6 months at $199.

Starting Ancestry free trial

  1. Go to Ancestry website at
  2. And click on start free trial link at the top right side of the home page or click here.
  3. Then choose a membership type and the period and then click Start FREE trial.
  4. But if you have an Ancestry account before, just click on Sign in and sign in to your account.
  5. However, if do not have an account, fill out the information in the New Account section and click Save and continue.
    Ancestry free trial form
  6. Next, choose either Credit or Debit cards and you can also pay with PayPal. And then enter your payment information.
  7. Also, enter your billing information and click on Proceed to checkout.
  8. Go through your information and click on Order now.
  9. Next, you can begin to explore Ancestry website and learn.
  10. You can start with the Getting Started, Lesson 1: Starting Your Tree.
  11. That is how to get Ancestry free trial.

How to cancel Ancestry free trial

Cancel your free trial within two weeks of the date your trial starts to evade any recurrent charge. To cancel, start by clicking your name or username in the top-right corner of Ancestry page and choose Your Account. Then look for the Subscription Options heading, on the right part of the page and click on “Cancel Subscription”.


In this post, we explained how to get the Ancestry free trial. To get the trial, visit the website to choose a plan and then fill out your personal information and enter your payment card details too. After doing those things, you will get a chance to start the Ancestry 14-day free trial. You may cancel your free subscription within the trial period to avoid a full months charge. Enjoy your offer and learn about yourself.