Microsoft Azure Free Trial Account – Try Azure for free

Microsoft Azure free trial

In this article, you will learn how to start the Microsoft Azure free trial. Setting up an Azure account may just be what you need to launch that your technical idea using Microsoft Cloud Computing services. For instance, you can build, test, launch and manage diverse applications making use of Microsoft technological facilities to move ahead of contemporaries. Also, Microsoft Azure gives you a free 30-day trial period as long as you have a new account. So, if you are wondering what you can do with your free trial, just use it to explore the Microsoft Azure platform. Furthermore, you can try several services that are available there.

You can start by testing and deploying enterprise apps on the Microsoft Azure. And this will enable you to use Azure Virtual Machines, Managed Disks, and SQL databases to provide high availability and network performance with Load Balancer.

Microsoft Azure free trial

Also, you can create custom mobile experiences matching users need or interest. To do that, deploy App Service and Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin, HockeyApp, and Traffic Manager. Besides, you will gain insights from your data to improve your decisions and create better user experiences with the use of Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, and HDInsight. There is no doubt that starting Azure free trial will enhance your experience and creativity. So, shortly, we will be going through the steps you can follow to get the trial account of Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of trying Azure for free

Here is a summary of what you stand to gain by using the Microsoft Azure free trial. They include:

  • Getting access to 12 months of popular free services
  • Be able to use $200 credit to explore any Microsoft Azure service for 30 days
  • And enjoy the always free 25+ services on the platform
  • Furthermore, Microsoft will not bill your card unless you upgrade your membership

Azure free benefits

Steps to start Microsoft Azure free trial

  • The first step is to get a Microsoft ID. It could be email like Hotmail or Skype account or your Telephone Number etc. So, if you don’t have any ID, first create one at Note, that you will need a mobile phone number plus a credit card when you sign-up, for verification purpose.
  • After getting an ID, then go to and click on the “Start free” label to sign up and create your Microsoft Azure free account for the trial.
Start Azure Free
Click on “Start free” button.
  • But when you have a Microsoft ID, or Office 365, you can follow the prompt to sign in. As you sign in, the page will display some of your information that is already in the Microsoft database, like your name and country and so on. Confirm they are accurate and click on Next button.
  • Which is the point for Identity Verification by phone? So enter your Phone number and click on “Send text message” So go ahead and fill the verification code that you will receive on your phone by text message and click on “Verify code” to take you closer to starting the Azure free trial service.
  • Next is Identity Verification by Card. So enter your Credit card. You can use credit or debit card. Note that you Microsoft will not charge your card when you set up a trial account. But it needs to verify that your card is real and can be charged later if you wish to continue using Azure when the free trial expires. They will send debit to your card but it will read $0.00 on your bank statement.
  • Next, you will have to agree to terms of use of the subscription by ticking the box beside I agree. Also, tick the box below to accept to receive email from Microsoft. And then Click on Sign Up. At this point, you will be automatically signed in to your Azure Portal. Enjoy your Microsoft Azure free trial for 30-days.
  • Test drive all the features by clicking on “Get started with your subscription.” To learn how the Azure platform works, read or watch some tutorials.


In conclusion, in the post, we explored how to start Azure free trial. It is easy to do. Besides all you need are a Microsoft ID, a Telephone and a valid credit or debit card. Get your Microsoft Azure account and improve your technological skill leveraging on the Microsoft cloud computing facilities free today.