FuboTV Free Trial Offer For 7 Days

FuboTV Free Trial

Watching shows and movies on your devices has become the norm these days. There are many online television streaming services that have nearly replaced Cable Satellite TV providers. Besides, if you ever considered cutting the cord and going wireless and still enjoy exciting programming, then you may try FuboTV. In addition, if you wish to test drive their programming before paying, then you are in luck as you can have a FuboTV free trial. Fubo Tv programming is only available in the United States and U.S. territories. And you have the best deals for many live sports and shows. In addition, you can stream from two devices at the same time.

But, you need to have fast internet to watch fuboTV. You should have at least 3+ MB/s to 25 +MB/s depending on the device you are using. With all these features that you can test, let us show you, how to start fuboTV free trial and reveal the benefits for subscribing.

FuboTV Free Trial

How FuboTV free trial works

Only FuboTV new customers can participate in their free trial offer and must sign up with either a credit or debit card. Unless you cancel your FuboTV free trial, your first payment will be on the 8-day after the trial ends. So, you may cancel before the trial ends. Note, that the steps you take to cancel vary and is based on how you signed up.

Benefits for subscribing

Let us look at what you stand to enjoy when you start the FuboTV free trial.

So, depending on your subscription plan, you have access to live sports actions at an affordable rate. And you can stream over 70 channels, enjoy live sports coverage, watch shows and movies. Furthermore, you can watch live NBA, NFL, MLB, all live in High Definition. Also, FuboTV gives you 30 hours of DVR space and you have the chance to upgrade it to 500 hours.

This FuboTV free trial gives you the chance to use 72 hours Look back to replay any game or shows you missed or movies that were shown 3 days ago. In addition, you can watch fuboTV on many devices like iOS, Android and Apple TV. Others include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Chromecast and so on. You also get to watch numerous seasons of shows that are exciting on FX and SHOWTIME.

Signing up for FuboTV free trial

  1. Visit the Fubo website.
  2. And create an account directly from the signup page.
  3. Select a plan that works for you on the next page. (choose from these options Fubo, FuboTV, or Fubo Extra).
  4. If you want extra shows or add-ons, select the ones you want to add on the next page.
  5. Finally, enter your payment information.
  6. Once your payment card is accepted, then you can start enjoying your fuboTV free trial.
  7. Note that if you get Fubo extra, or Fubo, your credit card will not be charged until the trial ends.
  8. But, for FuboTV bundle, to create your account you must pay for 2 months in advance. Also, it does not have a free trial. Though, you will get discounts on cloud DVR and ShowTime.

Compatible devices

You can stream FuboTV currently on multiple platforms, including streaming devices, computer browsers, Smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

fuboTV compatible devices
fuboTV compatible devices

You can stream it on Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile, Android TV, Apple TV. Browsers are the latest versions of Chrome, IE, Safari, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Roku, Samsung smart. Moreover, using diverse devices makes the fuboTV free trial more accessible.

FuboTV bundle plans.

  1. Family: Fubo Standard, Cloud DVR Plus and Family Share($45)
  2. Family Deluxe: Fubo Standard, Fubo Extra, Cloud DVR Plus, Family Share($40)
  3. Premium: Fubo Standard, Fubo Extra, Showtime, Cloud DVR Plus, Family Share ($50)

Note that all active FuboTV subscriptions include access to associated TV and access to websites and apps for subscribed channels. You can view all the websites and apps that you can use with your subscription to the fuboTV.


In this article, we explored how you can get the fuboTV free trial. Besides, it is easy to get. All you have to do is to visit the trial page, create your FuboTV account and submit your credit card. And you may cancel the trial if you want at any time before the 7-day trial expires.