Netflix Free Trial For 30 Days – How to Sign up for free

Do you know anything about Netflix? Do you love television shows, documentaries and different movies? Would you love to stream them on your devices? If you do then you would love Netflix. Have you been trying to get Netflix free trial? Well, just so you would know this, Netflix is a streaming service that enables its clients to watch different kinds of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more using connected devices on the internet. In addition, they have members in over 190 countries and counting. Netflix it is a global content library bringing entertainment to your homes.

Using Netflix services you are able to enjoy limitless viewing of content that is stripped of commercials. Also, you have new things on the service daily. For instance, you have more Televisions shows and movies that are added to the programming monthly. One wonderful news about this awesome content is that you can have a free trial of the service for 30 days. This service is similar to the Hulu free trial subscription we shared the other time. I know you would love that. Yes, you would have a whole 30-day free trial to watch free this television shows and so on. But the catch is that you cannot signup for Netflix free trial without credit card. You have to submit your credit card details to get it. In this post, we will show you how you can get the Netflix free account for 1 month.

Netflix free trial

Let us guide you so that you enjoy this offer without paying a dime.

How Netflix free trial works

To being the process, all you need to do is visit their official website at and simply register for a free trial account. You will get 30 days to use the service. There are no commitments, no contracts, no cancellation fees, and you can cancel any time before the free trial period expires. Also, you will get an email 3 days to the end of the trial to tell when the free offer is about to end.

However, if you don’t cancel the offer, your membership continues.

Membership Plans

First, it is good you know what category of Membership plans they have so that you will know which one to select.

So let us see the plans.

In Netflix, you have three types of membership plans plus a DVD plan. Furthermore, each plan has its benefits such as how many people can stream the Netflix contents at the same time, ability to watch in Standard Definition (SD), High definition (HD) or Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Netflix membership

See the breakdown of the plans

  • Basic: You will have access to 1 screen plan SD ( watch on 1 device at any time, Standard Definition) at USD$ 7.99
  • Standard Plan: You will have access to 2 screen plan HD (watch on 2 devices at the same time, High Definition when available) at USD$ 9.99
  • Premium Plan: You get to watch 4 screen plan HD/UHD 4K (watch on 4 devices at the same time, with High Definition and Ultra High Definition when available) At USD$ 11.99
  • Please note you can only get DVD Plan for USA markets. So, if you are in the USA you can sign up for a DVD-only plan, or add DVDs to your current streaming plan.

Netflix plans after free trial

Furthermore, you have the free trial for Customers but it is subject to availability on your location.

So, if you like the content and wish to remain with them, then your credit card will be charged once per month. Also, you will get the bill on exactly the date you signed up for the free trial. Furthermore, you have the chance to upgrade your account anytime you want.

Steps to sign up for Netflix free trial

  1. To start, just Click Try 30 days free to get started. When you do so, another page opens where they ask you to create an account.
  2. Create Your Account. To do that just, click Continue key
  3. You will see another page where you will be informed that you will enjoy the first month free. So just sign up with your email and password to get started. And Click Continue.
  4. Next, set up your Payment. Also, at this point, Netflix will inform you that it will give 3 days notice before the free trial ends. That they accept Credit or Debit card and PayPal. So, select your payment method. Next Put your name and surname, card number. They put you the premium plan which you can change later if you want. Next, check the box to agree to their terms of use of their service. Just click (to Say I agree) and then click start Membership.
  5. When you do, your membership starts automatically and you can sign in to view your Membership page and all the benefits attached to it.

Why a credit card is required?

They need it so that they will not interrupt the service to you when your free trial ends. Also, they need it to find out if the payment details you supplied were true. They usually send a request to your financial institution to verify whether the payment method you supplied actually work. Another thing is that they may charge your account with a tiny amount, which they will reverse automatically immediately to make sure the free trial period is still free.

What happens after the free trial?

Netflix will charge you automatically once the free trial ends unless you cancel before that date. However, if you choose to cancel, you will cease to enjoy the Netflix catalogue of content.

How to Cancel Netflix free subscription

To end your Membership of Netflix, Sign in to your Account and Select the Cancel Membership button on your account page. However, if you are on DVD Plan which is for US customers only, Select cancel your DVD plan from your Account page.

Cancel Netflix membership

Note, that you will continue to enjoy the remaining time left on your 30-day free trial even when you cancel the offer until it finishes. And to see the exact date your account will close automatically after you cancel, go to Billing Details.


In this guide, we showed you how to sign up for the Netflix free trial account. However, to get the free trial and gain access to Netflix catalogue of programs you must register with your email and subscribe for their premium package with your Credit card. Furthermore, note that even if you can cancel your subscription before the trial ends, you will still enjoy their service for unfinished part of the 30-days. Get Netflix now that you know you have nothing to lose but much to gain.