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Efax free trial form

Would you like to get the eFax free trial? Sit tight while I share with you the free eFax 30 day trial review. If you a small business, a start-up or just a person that would love to use electronic fax machine by email on the internet, there are companies set up to give that service. For instance, eFax is an award-winning company that gives good e-fax service. Currently, the company has over 11 million subscribers worldwide plus fax numbers in 4,300 cities and 49 countries. eFax is truly a force to reckon with. In addition, eFax provides the most secure and consistent way to send and receive fax by email that you cannot get with other service providers.

Additionally, it boasts of its client’s ability to sign faxes with the swipe of a finger on your tablet or phone, which other fax service providers are unable to do. efax has 3 plans. You have the efax pro plan for those that use fax a lot and efax plus a solution for small businesses and the efax Corporate for big enterprises. Each has its own features and monthly or annual billing. We should think that by now you would love to get your hands on any free offer from this company. Hence, to guide you, we will explore how to get efax free trial in this post.

eFax Homepage

About the eFax free trial

You can use eFax’s free trial to test the full features of the efax service. With this free trial, you can send and receive eFax’s online fax service. Also, you have access to all of the functions and features of the eFax Plus plan for a 30-day period. Here are the facts about the free trial. You get 150 pages of incoming faxes, 150 pages of outgoing faxes and 5 users in the plan. Which Expires after 30 days. additionally, you will have to upgrade to the eFax Plus plan for $16.95/month.

Premium efax plus Features in the eFax free trial

  • Completely Focused on Fax
  • Mobile Apps
  • Electronic Signatures
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • Also, take a Photo, Sign it and Fax it
  • Share Large Files (up to 1GB)
  • 24hr Phone Support
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Lifetime Storage
  • Safe, encrypted faxing protocols help to comply with HIPAA, SOX and other federal regulations

eFax features

How to get efax free trial

To signup, click this link or copy and paste it into a browser https://www.efax.com/signup/account

  1. Next, click to start a free trial
  2. And choose your efax number by selecting the following from a drop-down menu: country, state, code and then pick a number by checking a box beside any number you like.
  3. Next, click start free trial
  4. Type in your account information like first name, last name and email address and then click Continue.
  5. To activate your efax number, enter your real phone number, address, city, state, zip code, and country. Also, enter your credit card number, and other details like CVV, Expiry month and year, then check I agree to automatic renewal terms including a monthly charge of USD$ 16.95 that will start on, for example, August 17, 2019. (You can pay with VISA MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER, etc.)
  6. And then click “Continue securely” to complete your subscription and start enjoying the efax free trial.

Efax free trial form

eFax Plans

The company have 3 plans. You have, efax pro plan for those that use fax a lot and efax plus plan, a solution for small businesses. However, for efax Corporate, you have to contact support. Each has its own features and monthly or annual billing price. To get more billing information click here. Here is some price information.

eFax Pro Pricing

  • Monthly$19.95/mo
  • Setup Fee$19.95
  • Annual Plan$16.63/mo – you receive 2 months free

eFax Plus Pricing       

  • Monthly: $16.95/mo
  • Setup Fee: $10.00
  • Annual Plan: $14.13/mo – you receive 2 months free

How to Cancel Your eFax free trial Account

To make cancellation requests, you must call only by phone or online chat. You can contact efax support 24/7 by phone at (866) 761-8115 or by an online chat with an Agent.

To cancel if you stay in the US or Canada, have the following information:

  • Your eFax number and the last four digits of your credit card on their file to verify your account before canceling.
  • You must get an email from Customer Service confirming your account has been closed.
  • Note, once your account is closed, you will no longer have to access your fax documents. So save any important documents before you cancel your account.

For all International Customers, have the following data:

  • If you are an international customer, use your service phone number,
  • Locate the country you’re calling from in the list shown to you in a drop-down menu.
  • And, you can also cancel by chatting with an online representative.


In the article, we explored how to get eFax free trial. You can get the 30-day trial provided you open an account with them and supply your payment details. You will use the premium eFax pro benefits which end after 30 days and recurrent billing will start soon after unless you cancel the free trial offer. Use freebie but remember to cancel your subscription early. Share your experience of using efax here.


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