Pureflix free trial – How To Stream Free Movies And Live TV Shows

Pureflix free trial

The internet and the entertainment industry today gives you content that is mostly violence, sex, or crime-based stories. Although there are attempts to fill the gap by some broadcasting networks, these attempts have not fully served the yawning gap for wholesome Christian entertainment. That is why the entrance of Pureflix in streaming pure online movies is a welcome development. So, in this post, we will introduce Pureflix to you and share how to signup for a Pureflix free trial. What is Pureflix?

Pureflix provides entertainment and streaming of movies that you can watch in your devices just like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu but theirs is purely Christian entertainment. Pureflix is a Christian entertainment company that has come to fill the gap with Christian movies that will promote values we all hold dear. They are located in Scottsdale Arizona in the US. They produce and market films we would love our family and children to see. Their movies are contents that you do not need to censor as your children watch them. For example, they have those movies about the Jonah and the fish and so on. Some of their biggest films remain the adaptation of “Jerusalem countdown” and “the six million dollar man”

Pureflix free trial

How to signup for a Pureflix free trial

Signing up for Pureflix free trial is easy.

  • Visit the website at pureflix.com
  • And then you can click the “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” button
  • A new page opens with a form that asks for your personal information. Type in your name and email, and pick a password that you will remember easily.
  • Now, choose a plan that you wish to subscribe to in case you love their programs and wish to continue with your subscription after the free trial ends.
  • You need to supply Pureflix with your credit card details, and accept the terms and conditions, and then click Start Membership.
  • Congratulations, you have signed up for the Pureflix free trial. It is now time to start streaming those Pureflix movies you have always wanted to watch.

What happens after your Pureflix free trial expires?

After signing up for the free trial, you can begin to enjoy the titles that Pureflix streams without any limits. They will give you unrestricted streaming of their best movies. However, when the free trials end your subscription will start automatically. Therefore, if you choose the monthly or yearly subscription, you will get a bill accordingly at the end of the next month if you don’t cancel your membership.

How to cancel your account membership

You are free to cancel your Pureflix account membership any time before the free trial ends. However, if you cancel, before your former free trial ends, your credit card will not be billed.

Additionally, you do not have any binding contract with Pureflix. Also, you can cancel your membership online. Their support is available from 6 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday at mountain time.

What are the available plans?

Apart from having a wholesome family entertainment, another plus for Pureflix is that these two plans will let you watch or stream movies on 5 screens simultaneously.

The monthly plan is set at USD $10.99, while the annual package is set at USD $99.99 plus a 24 % discount.

What devices can you watch their programs?

Watch Pure Flix any device

  • Computers: You can watch on your PC by Chrome or Internet Explorer for Windows. While Mac by Chrome or Safari browsers.
  • You can watch on Gaming consoles like – XBOX. There is a plan by Pureflix to support this device by 2018.
  • Tablets and Smartphones: Pureflix supports the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android Smartphones, and Amazon Fire Tablet.
  • Other, streaming media players you can watch Pureflix are – Roku devices, Roku app, Amazon Fire TV devices, Apple TV (4th generation), Android-enabled TVs and Android boxes and Chromecast.


In this post, we showed you how to signup for a Pureflix free trial. Also, if you desire to watch wholesome, Christian family entertainment, then go and get the Pureflix free membership. However, to get the free trial you must open an account and submit your credit card details.

Kindly, share your experience with this streaming service.


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