Lynda Free Trial Review

Lynda trial package

Lynda free trial is about an online learning course that comes with a free package. At the end of this article, you will get answers to questions like: Is Lynda free? How much does a subscription to Lynda cost? And, is LinkedIn learning free?  We are bringing LinkedIn into the picture because Lynda and LinkedIn work hand in hand.

Lynda Free Trial

Without wasting more time, let us dive right into the article to give you the answers to those questions we raised that you want fast answers.

Lynda free trial subscription review

Let us refresh your memory on some of the things that you may already know, and also help you to unlearn some things.

For instance, do you know that it is worth your time and money to subscribe to Lynda? We are saying this because whenever you take an online course with Lynda; you are rest assured that they will give you the best services at your convenience.

Furthermore, they offer lots of interesting topics like Audio, Business, Game Design, Video production, Web Development, Photography, and Design to mention but a few.

The best features of this Offer

Let us give you some of the best features of Lynda free trial so that you know what you are getting.

  1. The courses are arranged into short segments

Some courses are long that they can take several hours to complete. That is why they organize their lessons in very short segments. For example, there is a particular lesson that is five minutes in time duration. What this means is that you can use the course to simply learn any procedure and also get comprehensive training.

  1. The course is of high-quality

They give their customers high-quality instructional strategic courses. Furthermore, all the courses are in short video tutorials. The process is also in a systematic fashion. In addition, it is organized logically, so that you can use its real-life examples, and can also assume the intelligence of the audience.

  1. They have good instructors

All their instructors are experts in their field. These instructors will teach you in two styles, which are informal and casual. Their duty is to impart into you the knowledge you need to be competent in whatever you are trying to learn.

  1. They offer a broad selection

While you are on the Lynda free trial plan, you have lots of subjects or courses that you can choose from. They have courses like gamification, photography, animation, user experience design, audio, video, business, interactive design, and authoring tools. In an estimate, they have over 3,000 courses in business, creative skills, and technology. Pick your choice.

  1. You are allowed to pay for a month

Sometimes you may just want to just subscribe for one month and end it. If that is what you want it is also very possible. However, do you know that you seize that opportunity and take all the courses you need? Well, we advise you to save money and pay for a full year subscription if you wish to continue learning after the 1-month subscription expires. I year payment option is cheaper than the monthly payment.

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  1. They have varieties of subscription options

You have the chance of choosing or deciding if you went a monthly subscription or a premium subscription. But, you should note that these different subscription options have different prices. However, they have a special price for multi-user, corporate and educational options. Their courses are available on DVD.

  1. It is compatible with different devices

You can learn it online or download it either on the PC, Mac and Android devices.

  1. It very easy to use

Their sign up process is quick and easy. Anyone can learn or study at ease because the courses are divided into a very short segment. You can pick any course from the list and study.

  1. Navigating courses

Any course that is recommended for you has a course title, date of creation, and also preview image. You need this information because it is important for course in the technology sector.

  1. Well defined course structure

Their courses are divided into different series of videos. They equally provide you with a range of time. Also, you can select minutes to over half an hour course segments. It is very easy for you to make selections on the type of video or course you want to study.

  1. Playlists

You can add any video or course that you want to learn easily to your playlist. Furthermore, this will help you to decide which content you want to view and in what order. Their YouTube channel is now handled by LinkedIn, which is called ‘LinkedIn learning solution’.

  1. High-quality service

All their videos are of good quality and have transcripts. Also, you can see the full text of the video by using the transcript tab. In addition, they make sure that you get the most out of each video from their professional teachers who handle these video courses.

  1. Award of certificate

Lynda will award you a certificate at the conclusion of the course. Furthermore, this certificate will serve as proof of what you learned in the course that you bought.

How can I get the Lynda free trial review?

If you really want to get the Lynda free trial, the first thing you need to do is to go to their website.

You can visit it right now by clicking this link here. When you are on their website,  the next step is to open an account with them and request for the free trial. Lynda trial package

When you do, you will be directed to their LinkedIn page where you are requested to create an account and then you will be requested to submit details of your credit card. But, you will start the free trial without paying any money.


Note; However, after you have successfully subscribed for Lynda free trial, do not forget to cancel it 5 days before the expiration time. This will stop the automatic renewal. Recall that you supplied your credit card details earlier to them before they approved the 1-month free Trial for you.

So, if you fail to cancel the 1-month free trial before it expires, they will debit your credit or debit card with $29.99 being the payment for another 1-month course.


In conclusion, we can now see that the Lynda free trial has a lot to offer you. You can decide to learn all that you need to learn with only the free trial. Also, the certificate they will give to you at the end of the course will be worth it. Furthermore, It will serve as evidence that you had that course and you can present it anytime.

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