How to Start Eharmony Free Trial

Eharmony free trial

If you wish to date online, you know that it is a gamble because you can pay for a subscription, yet fail to get the right match. And that is why you would prefer to search for any free online dating websites where you can evaluate their services free, and then choose to pay for premium if its worth it. Eharmony matches your search. The platform will allow you to start free in the Eharmony free trial and subscribe to an affordable plan later. So what is Eharmony? It is an online dating website. Eharmony is trying to bring people all over the world who are looking for love and give them the endless possibilities to get their dreams. They bridge the gap by joining people who match each other and share a mutual interest.

Eharmony makes the introduction so that singles can become closer and find a match. Eharmony is a trusted online website where Singles can find a date. Also, Eharmony is among the first service within the online dating industry to use a scientific method to match singles who are compatible. They use a 29 Dimensions model to match couples by relying on features of compatibility thousands of successful relationships has displayed.

Eharmony free trial

The application does the heavy work of sifting to identify those that match among the men and women members. Also, they apply four simple methods to get the needed data to create exact matches of couples. Let us learn more about Eharmony by discovering how to start the Eharmony free trial.

Starting Eharmony free trial

4 Simple Steps for Getting the Right Match

  1. Answer the basic questions to enable Eharmony to select people who meet your personal standard.
  2. Next, answer compatibility questions to enable you to get quality connections based on the primary areas of personality.
  3. Then, review the profiles of everyone that meet the criteria as the right match for you
  4. And finally, select the best plan that is convenient for you and start communicating at your own pace.

Get Eharmony free trial by a Free Membership Subscription

You can get a free-trial membership with eHarmony without any risks at all. It will allow you to see how the dating site works without paying a single cent. Using this free trial will let you preview the site’s features and see the quality of singles that paid for a premium membership.

  1. To join, visit the website and click Join free today and enter your email and password and answer other questions and click find my matches to go on.
  2. Next, just fill out our name, gender, orientation, zip code, and email.
  3. After registration, you can do any of these activities free:
  • You can create your profile
  • And complete the 29-dimensional questionnaire
  • Then you will receive and review your matches
  • And start chatting using Guided Communication and Free Communication Weekends
  • Finally, your Eharmony free trial has started.

One good thing about the trial is that it does not expire. So, take your time to explore the site. You have the choice to upgrade your free account to a Basic Plan or TotalConnect Plan. The cost of both plans ranges from $10.95 to $59.95 /mo for the basic plan and $19.95 to $59.95 for the TotalConnect plan. To upgrade simply visit your profile settings and click to Upgrade and pay the price for a plan.

They offer Free Communication Weekends

In the free communication weekend, eHarmony requests members to join Free Communication Weekends once in a while. They do this mainly around holidays period and the special offer usually runs for 3-5 days.

What happens during this time is that they allow all members to send message matches directly without paying for the service. This opportunity happens randomly, so watch out for updates on this on the Eharmony’s registration page.

Look out for Free Promo Codes

You can also do research to know where to get the promo codes for subscriptions and discounts. You can then use it before you sign up for a paid account on eHarmony.


In this post, we explored how to start Eharmony free trial. You can visit the website and sign up for free and evaluate the website without paying for it. Join Eharmony today and start connecting to meet your future spouse. You have nothing to lose.


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