How To Get Zoosk Free Trial

Zoosk free trial

If you are young and wish to settle down with a wife or husband, it can be tough to get a quality partner. And so, to widen the scope of your search, you have to try dating offline and online. You know that there are many online dating platforms but, getting the ones you can trust is another matter. That is why in this post, we are introducing to you the Zoosk free trial. What is Zoosk? Zoosk is a foremost online dating company that gives your dating experience personal touch, to enable singles to find and start a relationship that they truly want. Also, in a bid to get the quality singles and matches, Zoosk uses a Behavioural Matchmaking application that is constantly being improved from the first-hand experience of over 35 million members.

This makes the matchmaking more accurate and real-time. This app is touted to be the number one online dating app in the Apple App Store. And that shows how popular Zoosk is in the market of online dating. Furthermore, the app is available in over 80 countries and has been translated into 25 languages making Zoosk a truly global online dating platform you can trust. Also, you can get Zoosk in two ways. One is by signing up for free membership and the other is by using the Zoosk promo code. So, in the post, we will share how you can get the Zoosk free trial immediately.

Zoosk free trial

How to get Zoosk free trial

Steps To Get Zoosk Free Trial by Signing Up For a Free Zoosk Subscription

Anybody can sign up for a Zoosk membership totally for free. After that, you can look for single individuals close to your locality among millions of singles using the platform.

You are able to get Zoosk matchmaking services with the free account, though it has some limitations. However, you can use it to test the website, see the quality of people that are on the platform and discover the types of matches they have on the website.

Also, there are ways to earn enough credits on Zoosk that you can use to send message to people on a paid plan as if you were a paying member.

Furthermore, I am sure you have heard of their discounts for dating like Zoosk free 30-day trial also called the Zoosk free month trial. But, the free Zoosk trial has no limit to the length of time you can spend on the site compared to the 30 days trial.

So, if you use the promo code to get a trial it will expire after 30 days, unlike the free trial that does not end unless you decide to end it. And the only difference between the two is that one has an expiration date.

Steps to get Zoosk Free Trial Using A promo code

  1. To use the promo code you have to sign up by visiting this page of their website at And click on Try Zoosk For Free Now.
  2. The next page opens and requires that you either View singles or Sign up with your Facebook or Google account. Select one, and click next.
  3. Next, give your birthday and click continue.
  4. To create your account, supply your email address and password and click on Sign Up.
  5. Next, fill all the details required of your personal information, upload photos of yourself and start browsing in search of other singles in your area immediately. You now have access to start your 30-day Zoosk free trial.
  6. Note that your account has limited access. Also, you will browse to see what the site looks like without paying but you must subscribe to get popular features like sending messages to singles.

How to get free Zoosk trial without the Promo Code.

Visit their website and enter your gender, email, and password and click on Sign up button. You can also choose to use your Google account of facebook to sign up. Then fill all the required details to open an account. You will then have a free account after you conclude the signup processes.

Here is what you will get with the free Zoosk trial without a promo code.

  • You will have the capacity to create a full profile
  • upload photos of yourself,
  • and receive matches from the search results,
  • browse over 40 million Zoosk users,
  • You are able to send winks to communicate in other ways
  • Use other ways to get Zoosk coins to interact with paid members

Earn coins on Zoosk and spend them in the Zoosk free trial

Let us discuss how to use free Zoosk coins to send Zoosk free messages during the Zoosk free trial.

Zoosk has virtual coins or currency for the Zoosk dating website. And you can earn these coins and make use of them to gain access to some paid features and services.

This is what you can do to get Zoosk coins. If you do these tasks will earn you about 17 to 30 Zoosk coins that you are allowed to spend on the website.

Here are the tasks.

  • earn Zoosk coins by downloading the Zoosk application
  • also, you can earn Zoosk coins by referring a friend to Zoosk
  • you can earn Zoosk coins by being a fan of their Facebook page
  • earn Zoosk coins by participation in online surveys and raffles from the Zoosk platform

What can You Buy with Zoosk Coins

This is what you can you buy with Zoosk coins

  • Use the coin to unlock matches from a section of the website called the Swiping Carousel.
  • You are able to send virtual gifts to other members of the platform.
  • Able to make your profile a highlighted profile to appear in the search results. This helps you to get more matches to your profile.

What can you do with the Zoosk promo code?

I will suggest you don’t use the Zoosk promo code. Instead, get the Zoosk dating service by sign up for the free version. That account gives you the capacity to stay in the free version for a long as you like. While the promo code version limits you to 30 days only.

Just create a free Zoosk account and begin to search for people in your locality immediately you finish signing up. Explore all of the features at Zoosk and then make up your mind whether to pay for the premium service. Payment options include using your debit card.

The free trial at Zoosk is truly free. However, the premium plan would give you a better experience because of its enhanced features.

Features you get with a Zoosk Paid plan

Paying subscribers at Zoosk can enjoy many different features. There are so many ways to meet singles using the Zoosk app. Let us analyze them.

  • You can swipe through profiles like that of Tinder, to do a lot of search with unique filter features.
  • Use the smart selection technology that uses behavioural matchmaking to connect individuals that share similar likes and dislikes.
  • Make use of the send feature to send and receive messages without paying
  • Use the send feature to showcase yourself to all the single people on Zoosk in your area at the same time.
  • The send feature saves time and allows you to communicate easily with other members.

How to get a perfect match as a subscriber

To get a smart match with a potential partner, create a complete profile and answer all the personality test questions sincerely. Also, make your profile picture attractive to other singles. Get a suitable username to reflect your character and put in the effort to get a perfect match.

Safety features

At  Zoosk, the anti-fraud team works 24/7 to filter and report spam and remove fake profiles from the platform.

Also, you have helpful online tools to guide you through how to date online so that you can date successfully. In addition, they have Tools that can help you detect dangerous messages and so on.


In this post, we discussed how to get the Zoosk free trial. You get it by visiting the website and filling out a full profile with your pictures. However, you can use the free membership which lasts until you pay or stop using it on your own, instead of using a promo code which expires in 30 days. Zoosk is among the best dating websites online that you can consider. Also, there many ways to connect to their members and safety features to filter fake profiles. And they have quality-verified profiles and people you may like to meet. Finally, you can earn Zoosk coins and unlock paid features as a free member. Try it.