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hotspot free trial

In this post, we will share a list of the best hotspot free trial that you can get. The use of modern technology has given us diverse options to use our devices. As technology improves, daily, you get new ways to use appliances, phones, and computers. For instance, you can connect to the internet by using wireless connections or Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi connection uses wireless local area network, 3G or 4G to connect to an Internet service provider. These Hotspots are public wireless internet connections that you can use free in public places like Coffee shops, Shopping Malls, Public Libraries, and Hotels. These places where you have an internet connection that you can use free are called Hotspots. Furthermore, these days you now have companies that sell hotspot services and allow users to try them before they buy. Let us begin right away by defining mobile Hotspot.

hotspot free trial

10 Best hotspot free trial download

What does Mobile Hotspot Mean?

Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your Wireless network connection with other devices as you use your internet connection. However, these Devices connect to your Mobile Hotspot using Wi-Fi but you will be charged for the data they consume by your internet service provider.

Now, let us see the list of Wi-Fi hotspot that you can use their free trial offer.

  1. Conncetify

This app is in the list of the best hotspot free trial because it allows you to measure the extent of data you consume and the speed on each device connected to your mobile hotspot, unlike Free Wi-Fi Hotspot. Also, it has a great user interface that let you get to its functions easily. In addition, this software works in many Windows versions.  Furthermore, it has both paid and free versions. Another good thing is that it is easy to install, has strong signals, and you can share an internet connection from your PC to other devices connected to you. However, the downside of the free service is that it goes off every 30-minute and you will have to restart the connection. Another problem we found is that you cannot change the name, assign network speed to your devices or transfer files or videos. You can Download the application here.

  1. MyPublicWiFi

This hotspot software enables you to track hotspot users connected to you and has a simple user interface. This is why it is part of the hotspot free trial you can consider for download.  This app like its name is for public use. It also lets you share internet and inspect the websites those you share internet for visit. Furthermore, the app allows you to choose a language you prefer to use and has the capability of protecting you with a password. In addition, you have the power to bar some apps that share files among the devices that connect to this Hotspot. Similarly, the app does not allow the allocation of network speed to devices that connect to your network. You can get it because of its ability to bar devices that you do not want to share files with. Visit link now.

  1. Mary Fi

Mary Fi is in this list of the best hotspot free trial you can download because it is has a simple user interface and gives you and the devices connected to your computer access to shared files without any cables. Similarly, you can use devices to play a multiplayer game with this app. Another good thing is that it can be a network repeater enabling you to share your device internet connection easily with others. In addition, it has a wide WIFI range and so you do not need many routers.

One drawback with the software is that it is not compatible with Windows operating systems that are lower than Windows 7. Despite this disadvantage, you can still get the app, after all, it is free.

  1. Free Wifi Hot Spot

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot just like its name is in this list of hotspot free trial applications that you can use with ease. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use even for a novice to technology.  This app supports different networks s ranging from 2G TO 4G, GPRS. You can also Tether your phone or devices by USB. This app allows you to connect easily to your devices like Smartphones, media players, Gaming consoles, iPhones, I pads and Laptops smoothly.

You can set up your modem to give internet connection to your devices and allow your neighbor to use it too at the same network speed. The benefit for this software include unlimited connection to all kinds of hardware devices, it is free to use and no trails. Also, it is easy to set up and supports  2G to 4 G networks and it saves you the cost of buying routers.

The only downside to all these good functions is that there are no settings for data. There is no limit per session as you use the hotspot service.

Despite that, we recommend that you try it because it is free, stable and gives you top quality service. You have an unlimited connection on this hot spot. You can share the cost of Wi-Fi hotspot applications by using virtual routers. Go on and download the software

  1. My Wifi Router

This app has a good user interface and supports sharing files across multiple devices and manages all the devices connected to your computer well. It is an efficient app able to create Hotspots with high deep range signals. Furthermore, it allows you to modify the Hotspot name to whatever you like. It also has a full range of capabilities you would expect in any Hotspot software. For instance, you can share connections like 4G, LAN and other Wi-Fi’s.  You can also assign WIFI speed to devices separately and you are able to see all the devices connected to your network. One negative thing about this app is that it is not so secure to use the Hotspot network. You can get this app by visiting this link.

  1. 160WiFi

You can install this app easily. However, it does not permit adverts or pop-ups on the platform, unlike other free applications that welcome advertisements. This app is free to use and you can manage all devices with it.  Also, you can use it on all Windows Operating systems. This Hotspot service is secure to use. Use the password protection feature if you value security. But, one thing this app does not support is the allocation of network speed to devices on your router. You can get it today to test its functions. Go to the website now.

  1. mHotspot

mHotspot is a part of the popular hotspot free trial download we are bringing you because it has some great features. For example, you can customize your options and change the name to what you like, and you can restrict devices you want to share your internet connection with the way you wish. Mhotspot is reliable and gives you fast connections. Not only that, it is secure and you can protect your internet connection with a password.

Furthermore, the app acts as a repeater and can share your internet connection with many other devices. In addition, you can use it for multiplayer games too. Moreover, this service is free and uses only 400 kilobytes of your Hard Disk. This makes it easy to get any time you want to download it. It is portable and does not need installation and you can share the network with up to 10 devices.

Another good feature is that the app allows you to monitor the use of the internet by different devices that connect to your network via Mhotspot. You can track the exact details of their internet activities with the app. However, this app is known to consume Laptop battery life fast. You may consider this when making a decision about whether to use it or not. You can visit the website now.

  1. Virtual WiFi Router

This is another app in the list of the best hotspot free trial you can download to use. It is a good software that is easy to set up and has a good user interface.  Virtual WiFi Router does not need installation because it does not run on the background of your PC.

You can use this software to find internet connection from other Wi-Fi’s, Dial-up, LAN, Cable, and Modem and share it to devices you wish to give network access. The best part about this application is that it is free and you can see the list of devices that connect to you with their Internet Protocol addresses. One negative thing about this software is that it is not a secure hotspot. To try it, visit the website to get the app.

  1. Hosted Network Starter

This application is portable so you can take it anywhere you go in your storage device like USB. In addition, it supplies you full information when it detects a wrong configuration. Also, it is easy to use and you do not need to install it. Furthermore, it allows you to share your internet connection with other devices like other hotspot applications. This software shows you a list of all the devices that you allow to connect to your network. Your connection is encrypted with WPA2.  All the good features are sweet except for the fact that it does not allow you to allocate network speed to devices.

You can get it here although you do not need to install it to use it as it is portable.

  1. Antamedia

This company is one of the first Wifi service providers and have good standing for giving impeccable service to its users. You can set up this software with ease on any computer and connect up to 20 devices. The app lets you control and manage devices the way you want. This software is unique because it lets you share your network and collect payment if you wish to do so. You can also allow devices to use it free.

However, this app is not free to use although you can use it as a professional. Also, you pay to use this service once without an option to pay on a monthly basis.  You may consider the fact that you have to pay to use their service before you think of downloading the app. Visit website.

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In this post, we gave you 10 of the top hotspot free trial that you can download and use on your PC to experience different features so that you can pick the best one to use. Some of them have unique features like steady connection and no limitations. Also, they all share the fact that they are hotspot services. Try one today and share your experience on this website.

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