Quicken Free Trial Download (Mac/Windows)

Quicken free trial

Would you like to get the Quicken free trial download version? In this post, you will learn everything about this software and ways to get it.

Everyone desires to have the best way to manage their personal finances and are always looking for ways to grow their money. You cannot be an exception to the rule. Everywhere you go all over the world the subject of money management always gets huge audiences. There are several companies that provide financial service targeted at helping you plan your budget, manage your spending and keep all your investments in one spot so you that you can see everything and at a glance. One example of such a company is Quicken.

Quicken free trial

Furthermore, for over 30 years over 17, 000 customers have relied on their services to grow their money and improve their investments. As at now, Quicken is one of the highest selling personal finance software in the US. They have a web presence and mobile apps for Android and iOS to enable you to manage your finance at the touch of a button.  Let us see how you can get Quicken free trial.

How to download Quicken free trial

This guide will show you how to get Quicken free trial but as of now the company has scrapped the free offer and replaced it with a subscription. Let us see how this new method works.

Is Quicken a subscription?

We can state without a doubt that Quicken is now a subscription. Instead of a free trial, you now have a 30-day money back guarantee when you buy a product. This company calls this subscription Quicken membership. In addition, they say they are using this method to improve the user experience and to fix membership term regularly. This is unlike before where customers had to wait for an annual upgrade. There are additional services like sending Quicken latest features, versions, and services instantly to subscribers in addition to the usual online services like downloading transactions from your bank or syncing to your mobile device. Also, you now have one or two-year subscriptions.

Quicken Features

Let us look at Quicken’s features as you think about getting the subscription now that the Quicken free trial has evaporated into thin air. Some of its best features are as follows.

  • create a budget, manage your personal spending,
  • trusted for over 30 years with over 17 million members,
  • helping over 17 million members to grow their finances
  • has a 30-day money back guarantee,
  • safe and secure data with 256-bit encryption.
  • manage your spending and save,
  • with Quicken, you can see your banking transactions, investments, retirement plans, and credit card accounts in one spot
  • easily view and manage your bills

How to get the Quicken Subscription

To start the process of becoming a member visit Quicken website today or by clicking this link.  There you will see all the packages, their prices and the benefits attached to different plans.

You have Starter at USD $34.99 per year, Deluxe at USD$ 44.99, Premier at USD$67.49, Home & Business at USD$89.99 per year. So, click to Buy now on any of the packages and another page will open for you to create an account or sign in with your Quicken ID to finish your purchase.

Now, supply your email address, password, phone number and create a password and click create an account. It will also state the package you are buying under “Create account” button.

Next, verify the account and then sign in to complete the purchase of the product package you started buying earlier. Next, you will get a Quicken ID that will enable you to access all Quicken applications on Windows, Mac.

Quicken dashboard

How to download Quicken for Mac or Windows Computer.

For the Windows operating system click this link. While for Mac, you can get the method by clicking this link.

How to Manage Your Quicken Subscription membership?

After creating and verifying your account and you now have a Quicken ID, anytime you wish to manage your quicken Membership login to quicken.com website. Furthermore, when you log in with your ID, you will see all the products you subscribed for and their version. In addition, you will see the date you activated it and the date your subscription will expire. From here, you can also manage the renewal of a subscription, and your Quicken membership and your account settings. Morover, you can process on your Quicken ID and Password right there.



This post is about how to download Quicken free trial. But, we discovered that Quicken has scrapped the free trial and instead started a subscription-based service. We showed you the features of Quicken and how to register to get a Quicken ID. Also, you can use this ID for every transaction with the company. Contact Quicken to manage your finance today.

Hope this post is helpful.

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