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Let us explore how you can get Quimbee free trial as a law student. This article is a step by step guide of Quimbee. So let us start now.

If you are a law student and desire to pass your law exams with flying colours there is no other way to do it than to study hard. These days you have online study packs and guides to enable you to perform well in your bar exams. For example, one notable company that can help you to get your dream is Quimbee. This company which started in 2007, has helped more than 286, 200 students to prepare and pass their law exams. Quimbee has well over 15,100 case briefs inputted inside 204 law school casebooks.

The Quimbee team is all over the globe in Brazil, Canada, USA, Taiwan and more. Therefore, if you desire to score an “A” in Law school and graduate on top of the class, then you must pay attention as

Quimbee free trial

Quimbee free trial – How to get stated

  1. To start the process of getting the free account, visit Quimbee official website at https://www.quimbee.com/ and click start free trial. A page will open requesting you to fill your personal details like name and surname, email address and password.

    After that click start a free trial and you will see 7 days free trials.You are directed to another page https://www.quimbee.com/pricing. Here, you will get the price for the different packages they have. Such as Quimbee Bar Review with a cost of USD $ 125 per month plus a list of the benefits for getting that package. Next, is the Quimbee MBE Review at USD 50 per month, followed by Gold at USD$24, Silver at USD$ 22 and Bronze package which is at USD $15 per month with the fewer benefits.

  1. After registering for the Quimbee free trial account, you need to select a package out of different packages too. So, hover the mouse on your Avatar located on the top right of your Quimbee Dashboard or page and select settings to see the details of the free trial.
  2. Click start trial and it will take you to the pricing page again. Check the details of their offer for different packages. And then make a purchase by choosing a package out of the list. To do that click “Buy now”.
  3. You will be directed to another page asking you to select “Billing circle” which is either monthly or annually. Next, they will ask you for billing details of your card and other details. After entering all this information, submit by clicking the “Start Your 7 Day Free Trial” button below. Also, you will the date they will charge your credit card assuming you fail to cancel the free trial. They will also list the course you are buying. Note that they accept master card, Visa, American Express and Discover.
  4. Your free trial will start immediately you click buy now button after submitting your payment card to the website. To confirm this, you can go and back to your Avatar and click settings. You will see that you now have a purchase where there was zero purchase earlier. Also, that page will state the time your free trial will expire.Now you can have access to 10 Casebook which is the maximum benefits attached to the package that you selected. Browse the cases and enjoy your 7-day Quimbee free trial.
  1. Note, that the billing system is that you either pay monthly or annually and until you cancel your subscription they will renew automatically. However, you should note that Quimbee Bar Review, Quimbee MBE Review, and Platinum packages expire automatically when the term for their billing finishes.

How do the 7 days Quimbee free trial work?

After you have registered with your email and payment details and chosen a package, you are given access to 10 briefs. You can cancel anytime you want during the free trial and Quimbee will not charge your credit card.

You should note that there is no free trial for Quimbee Bar Review and Quimbee MBE Review. Therefore, to get a free trial you must subscribe for either Gold, Silver or Bronze packages.

Finally, you can download Quimbee App from the Google play store and Apple app store.

How to cancel Quimbee subscription

Go to your settings tab and click cancel, next check “this is temporary I will be back”, and click cancel my account. To learn how click this link.

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In this post, we gave you a step by step guide of how to get the Quimbee free trial. Quimbee will give you a free trial for 7 days only. However, you must select a subscription before they allow you to use the free offer. During the trial, you have access to 10 case briefs and you can cancel the offer anytime before it expires. Quimbee, as you can see, is not free. So make use of the free offer while it lasts.

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