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In this post, you will learn how to start kayo free trial. Kayo is an Australian game sports streaming service that provides you with the ultimate way to enjoy and track all the sports you love. With Kayo, you do not watch from the sidelines. Kayo brings you a never-ending stream of on-demand live games. Also, its exclusive features allow you to watch anyway you want, on big or small devices, and on any devices of your choice. Tell Kayo favorite teams and get a never-ending stream of live games and on-demand sports guaranteed to give you maximum excitement but that is just the beginning. And if you get a Kayo sports subscription you will have the ultimate time of your life because it covers all sports you would ever want to see.

Moreover, you can watch on any device you prefer at home or on the go streaming 50 sports actions instantly. Some of these devices include Cricket, AFL, Rugby Union, MotorSport, Basket Ball, US Football, Tennis, Golf, and Ice Hockey. You can also, watch thousands of hours of Life and on-demand shows accessible at any time. At Kayo, you have all types of fans that could get spoiler-free catch-ups, interactive stats, alerts, and so on. The unique features of Kayo platform and programs are the future of sports streaming in Australia. Also, you have control of the sports you prefer. And new customers have a 14 day free trial on either the Basic or Premium plans. Therefore, to go all the way to get Kayo sports, let me share steps that you can take to get a kayo free trial right away.

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How To Start Kayo Free Trial

Operating systems and compatible web browsers and devices

Kayo recommends that you use the latest version of compatible web browsers, operating systems, and devices. Some include macOS: 10.12+, Windows: 10, Web, Android, iOS, and Apple TV. See the full list.

How the trial Works

Kayo offers new customers a 14 day free trial on either the Basic or Premium plans. You can sign in if you are an existing or returning customer or have a Kayo voucher. You can also use any of these apps to sign up on Android, iOS, Web and Apple TV or download the kayo app.

Moreover, during the trial, you have access to up to three real-time streams. And have all of Kayo’s game-changing features and its huge sports library. However, if you change your mind during the free trial, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at no extra cost.

Steps to get the Kayo Free Trial

  1. Visit the kayo sports website and choose to sign up using any of these three options. Like Android, iOS, Web and Apple TV or download the Kayo app.
  2. If you log on using the Web, on the Kayo homepage, you will see the two subscriptions that you can choose from.
  3. Choose the subscription you like out of (Basic at $25 or Premium at $35)
  4. Next, enter your personal details.
  5. At this point in the sign-up process, you will receive a verification code to the mobile number you provided. Then you have to enter that code to continue with the sign-up process.
  6. Also, you have to enter your payment details to get the Kayo free trial
  7. And if you are wondering why you still need to enter your payment details, for a free trial, please note that it is to authorize the payment card to confirm that it is real.
  8. Also, after the confirmation of your payment card by the card processors, your account is now active.
  9. You may start setting up and personalizing your profile, or skip that and go straight to the action and start watching your favorite on-demand sports shows instantly.
  10. That is how to get the Kayo free trial.
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Features of Kayo streaming service

Here are the features of the Kayo sports streaming service.

  • You can watch on 2 screens at the same time on Basic and on 3 screens on Premium plan
  • All Subscription consists of the following below.
  • A live and on-demand content
  • Power to cancel your subscription anytime
  • Also, the capability to view the action in HD
  • There are no Spoilers and those are good reasons to get a Kayo free trial
  • Capacity to watch key moments
  • And you can watch on popular devices
  • Also, stream over 50 Sports, live and at anytime

Price and plans

  • Kayo offers two plans the Basic at $25 per month and capacity to stream on 2 devices
  • While the Premium plan at $35 per month and the power to stream on 3 devices
Kayo Free Trial Plans
Kayo Sports Subscription Plans

How to cancel your Kayo free trial

  • Visit the Kayo website and then open the Kayo cancellation link
  • Next, enter your username (email address) and password
  • And choose a profile. So click or select your profile (as pictured below)
  • And then follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.


In this article, I explored how to get kayo free trial. Also, to get it, you need to enter your personal information and credit card details. Besides, you have to select either the basic or premium plan. And once Kayo payment processor confirms your payment card, you will get access to the sports action you love instantly. Try Kayo sports now for 14 days.