How To Get Adobe Lightroom For Free

Free Adobe Lightroom

Getting Adobe Lightroom free is what this post is going to discuss. Adobe Lightroom is a software that was developed by Adobe for Windows, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and also Android. It is an image editing software that allows you to save, organize, edit, and also share lots of digital images. When using it to edit, it keeps the original image and editing done to it saved separately. It cannot perform certain functions like rendering text, adding 3D objects on image, doctoring, and so on. It cannot work on objects unless you import it into its database and only in formats it recognizes.

Furthermore, Lightroom offers a cloud-based service that has three device-based apps which are mobile, desktop, and web.  The lightroom is installed locally on the computer; it only needs the internet once in 99 days for membership validation. Lightroom free trial can work on both Windows and macOS. There are three principles guiding lightroom and they are:

  • Simplicity: It is a powerful image editor that is very simple to use but yet so powerful. It has been rated the 2nd best photo editor coming just below Photoshop.
  • Works seamlessly: Lightroom works the same across all devices (mobile, desktop, and web). Your editing will not change even if you move them to another device. Transferring them from one device to another will not change a thing.
  • Cloud-based. You can access everything done on Lightroom anywhere as all your words are saved to the cloud. All the works or projects done on it are automatically backed up.

Benefits of Adobe Lightroom

  1. Facial recognition
  2. Organization
  3. Easy to use
  4. Better editing
  5. Syncing
  6. Cost-effective

Reasons why you should download Lightroom free

  1. Its users use it to find, import, manage, and also organize images.
  2. Even if you close it after using it, it keeps track of all the history of whatever action you perform.
  3. It makes converting between different file formats easy.
  4. Original images aren’t edited. It rather edits a copy of it making it easy to see the original picture and whatever changes made to it.
  5. It’s cloning and healing features allows you to remove blemishes from images fast.
  6. Downloading lightroom free trial lets you publish images to websites easily.
  7. You can copy and paste the changes you made to an object.
  8. It takes less space on your computer.
  9. You can watermark your photos.
  10. It provides an avenue of editing multiple pictures at the same time.
  11. Its slider control is easy to use whether it’s to adjust brightness or any other element.
  12. It gives better printing options and layout selections.
  13. After working on your files and you want to export, Lightroom free offers many options for that.
lightroom free
Lightroom work page


Minimum system requirements to download Lightroom Free trial

Before you can install and operate Lightroom free trial, your computer must meet the requirements listed below.

For Windows

  1. Resolution: 1024 x 768
  2. Processor: Intel or AMD
  3. RAM: 4GB, 8GB or more
  4. Space: 2GB for installation
  5. Operating System: Windows 10 V1803 or later and
  6. Connectivity: Internet connection is necessary to activate it.

For macOS

  1. Processor: Multicore intel
  2. RAM: 4GB, 8GB or more
  3. Space: 2GB for installation
  4. Operating System: macOS V10.13 or later and
  5. Connectivity: Internet connection is necessary.

Having an Adobe ID is also required if you intend to get Lightroom free. Therefore, for more details about the requirements, click here.

Price of Lightroom

Lightroom offers a 7-days free trial for its new subscribers. Its price for a month is $9.99 and for a year it is $119.88. You can go ahead to purchase Lightroom here.

How to download Lightroom for free

  1. To start downloading Lightroom free trial for 7 days, click here.
  2. Click on “start free trial”
  3. Input your email and you can also tick the box below it to decide whether or not you want to be contacted via email.
  4. Click the continue button.
  5. The next page will ask for payment. Add a payment method and click “start the free trial”.
  6. After this, the free version of Lightroom will begin.
  7. Tap on the download file and open it to begin the installation process.
  8. After installation, you can start using your Lightroom free trial

Note: The Lightroom free trial lasts for 7 days before you are going to pay for it. If you do not want to pay for it after the trial period is over, you can cancel your subscription.


Lightroom free trial is one of the best options when it comes to editing photos. It is easy to use and also offers the best experience with photography. This trial process offers a way to use lightroom and become familiar with it. You can now make your decisions on whether Lightroom is the photo editing software for you.


Adobe Lightroom Free Trial Download (Windows/Mac)