How To Get Epix Free Trial

Epix free trial signup

In this post, you will learn how to get the Epix free trial. So what is Epix? EPIX is a premium TV network that airs on a 24-hour basis with seriously celebrated original programming. It also airs thousands of top Hollywood movies. And the company is owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM). You can get EPIX by cable, satellite, Telco and streaming TV providers all over the USA, as well as by the EPIX NOW app.  Besides you can watch EPIX on TV, on Demand, Online and on the go. And, EPIX has a total of four premium pay-TV channels with three channels for brining you on-demand and online services of movies of your choice. Besides, it has the best in genre films, action, comedy, science fiction and horror flicks of the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and beyond.

When you subscribe to Epix, you will get instant access to thousands of movies and originals when, where and how you want them. And If you are wondering how to get EPIX for free without paying a cent, you can subscribe to EPIX NOW with a free trial through Google Play, iTunes, Roku, and Amazon AppStore. You can also start your free trial, and then pay just $5.99 a month later or cancel anytime. But your trial period depends on who your service provider is. Also, note that there is a difference between EPIX NOW and EPIX. EPIX NOW is a stand-alone streaming service that offers a subscription service through participating app stores.

Compatible devices

EPIX gives you multi-platform to access its entire programming lineup on, Xbox, PlayStation, Android phones and tablets, and Roku players. You can also get EPIX on Apple TV, iPhones and iPads, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo, Chromecast and so on.

Epix compatible devices

And all you need to connect to Epix shows is an internet connection. But to watch on, or use the EPIX app, you must subscribe through a TV provider. Finally, Epix offers you a free trial and you can choose out of three methods on how to get it. Let us explore how you can get the Epix free trial immediately.

Epix free trial sign up process

  1. Go to website and click on Get Epix
  2. Then select to watch with – TV provider, or Watch with Digital Provider and, or Watch with the App.
  3. Click on any of the choices and then click on “Get the channel” or “Get the app”.
  4. For this post, I will click on Get the app option to download any of these apps like Google Play, iTunes, Roku, and Amazon AppStore.
  5. A new page opens that shows the apps and then a link labelled Start My 7 Day Free Trial. Click on that link.
    Epix free trial signup
  6. And create Your Epix Now account. Enter your email address and choose a password and click on Continue to sign up.
  7. Next, download the EPIX Now APP on your mobile or tablet. Then log in with your EPIX Now account Credentials to get the Epix free trial.
  8. Or you may visit the Links on the page for the Apple store, Google Play Store, Roku, and Amazon Appstore to download the app.
  9. But, to download App you must Sign in to the App Stores.
  10. And then subscribe to Epix Now service with a free trial subscription.
  11. So, choose your payment method and enter your payment information. Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Pay just $5.99 a month and cancel anytime.
  12. Also, the payment processor will confirm the validity of your payment method and then you will have access to the EPIX platform to stream EPIX Original Series like Godfather of Harlem and NFL on-demand anytime.
  13. Note that trial duration may vary depending on the provider or your means of subscribing for the service. But it is officially for 7 days.
  14. That is how to get the Epix free trial using the Epix Now app.

EPIX Programming

  • EPIX has an exciting original Programming that includes scripted series like getting Shorty, Deep State, Pennyworth, Godfather of Harlem, Perpetual Grace LTD, and Belgravia  PUNK
  • Original documentary series include PUNK, Elvis Goes There, Slow Burn, Unprotected Sets, and The Contender.
  • And a huge lineup of thousands of big Hollywood blockbusters like A Quiet Place, Daddy’s Home, James Bond, Rocky, Mission Impossible and Star Trek as so on.

How to cancel your Epix free trial account

If you subscribed through Google Play, iTunes, Roku, or Amazon AppStore and you want to cancel your EPIX NOW subscription, do so by going to your account settings on Google Play, iTunes, Roku, or Amazon AppStore for Fire TV. Then follow these steps.


In this article, you learn about the Epix free trial offer and steps to get it. You get it by going to the website and selecting who will provide the service from the 3 options. In this post, I selected using the Epix Now App. But you must download the app and enter your payment details to get the 7 days trial by using the available 4 service providers. Try it now.