Origin Access Free Trial – Try Free For 7 Days

Origin access free trial

Gaming on the internet has gradually become a huge way to relax. There are various games you can play that give you a lot of pleasure from all the hassles of life. You can play these games on your PC, MAC and Gaming consoles. Recently, one popular game Developer known as EA has increased the love for the game. In addition, EA which started business way back in 1982 with a mission to inspire the whole world to play games, is fulfilling that mission. The company which is located in the USA, lay claims to great games like The Sims, Madden NFL, EA SPORTS, FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dragon Age, and Plants vs. Zombies. Additionally, EA the owner of these games is offering you origin access free for 7-days on the Basic plan on your PC. This offer will allow you to choose from and play numerous games in The Vault.  Hence, to help you get this game easily, we are exploring how to get Origin Access free trial in this article.

Furthermore, you can select from the following games which have been added for your ultimate gaming pleasure. They are FIFA so you can enter the field and use your Play First Trial to try out the game for 10 hours. Also, you can buy what you love with a 10% rebate. This is apart of the perks that come loaded with your 7 days origin access free trial. Let us start immediately and show you how you can get this free trial now.

Origin access free trial

Origin Access free trial features

Here are the benefits for subscribing to the origin access free trial:

  • You will have access to an increasing set of awesome titles in The Vault, like Burnout and Paradise Remastered Edition
  • You get to play up to 10 hours of gameplay with Play First Trials for some games such as Madden NFL 19 and FIFA 19.
  • Huge savings of 10% on games you buy from Origin stores

Note that your 7 days of bonus that you can use without any commitment or charge to your credit card starts as soon as you sign up.

Steps to get Origin Access free trial

To get access to the 7-day trial of Origin you need to visit the origin web store at https://www.origin.com/zaf/en-us/store/origin-access

  1. And visit the Origin Access page
  2. Then, press the “Start Your Free Trial” button and log-in with your Origin account.
  3. If you don’t have an Origin account, Click to create an account and supply all your personal details. To open the account, confirm the email by copying the code in the email to you from EA into their website.
  4. And then choose a plan and Sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.

    Origin Access plans
    Choose a plan
  5. Supply your payment information.
  6. Next, follow all the instructions on the screen to download the origin access free trial to your computer and start watching the games you love.

Cancelling subscription

According to the instructions at the Origin Access page, you can cancel your subscription of the origin access free trial at any time. So, if you cancel the trial before it ends, you will not need to pay for the subscription. Note that this promotion is for only the people who never used a 7-day trial before at Origin.

To cancel, start from the Navigation bar and then select Origin Access, then click to Manage my Membership, Next, click on Cancel membership. Note that you can also cancel from the Origin client or from Origin website.

Payment methods for Buying an Origin Access membership

This depends on your location. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or your EA Wallet. Learn more from this article.

Play Games on Supported Devices

Note that Origin Access is available for PC only. Although you can get  EA Access on Xbox One it is not connected to Origin Access.


In this post, we showed you origin access free trial. You can get it by opening an Origin account and downloading the games to play on your PC only. You can play it for 7 days only. So, get it and enjoy 7 days of real gaming for free.


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