Panda Antivirus Trial – How to Download free trial version

This post is about how to download the Panda antivirus trial. Panda Antivirus internet security is a powerful Antivirus with Firewall For Windows devices. Also, it gives total protection and detects virus with 100% detection rate. So, you can protect your Mac and Android devices real-time with Panda premium antivirus protection and rest easily. Furthermore, if you need to browse anonymously from a single virtual location then you use free VPN of 150 megabytes daily.

To Safeguard for your WiFi network from hackers and prying neighbours, do a safe scan of external and USB devices and keeping them safe from any kind of threats, you must get Panda premium Antivirus for your computer. Also, this product comes with a powerful Parental Control feature that you can use to manage your child’s Internet access to apps while online. In addition, if you desire the best identity protection for online security while browsing, shopping and banking then the best offer for you is the Panda premium Antivirus software. By now you have seen how good this software is. So, in this post, we will show you how to get the Panda antivirus trial.

Panda antivirus trial

Overview of Panda Antivirus Trial

Panda Internet security gives your computer complete protection against all types of viruses. Also, it has a simple user interface and it is easy to use and download. So, if you want to deal with Ransomware, cyber-attacks on your computer the advanced threats protection of this antivirus is second to none.  Additionally, it has a strong Data Shield giving you total encryption of all your confidential data. This package comes with a password Manager to secure and manage all your passwords with a single click isn’t that cool. Do you desire to clean up your computer to enhance its speed then look no further because the Panda premium antivirus has an integrated cleanup tool for all your devices. Furthermore, you can browse those websites from many locations globally using its unlimited VPN tool. The best part is that when you need the unrestricted premium technical support, you have it for 24 hours seven days a week. What more could you ask for?

Products and prices

There are four Packages of Panda Antivirus with different prices showing that they have some functions that are not included in each of the product except for the premium package. So it is advisable to pick the Premium package that has complete features. However, we must note that all four packages have 30 days of free trial offers.

  • ESSENTIAL at US$ 44.24
  • ADVANCED at US$ 53.24
  • COMPLETE at US$ 80.24
  • PREMIUM at US$ 125.24

Features of Panda Antivirus free trial on the Premium package

  • Powerful Antivirus with Firewall For Windows devices full 100% virus detection rate
  • Protect your Mac and Android devices real-time with panda premium antivirus protection
  • Also, get Free VPN Limited 150MB per day and Browse anonymously from a single virtual location
  • Safeguard your WiFi network from hackers and prying neighbours
  • Do a Scan of external and USB devices and keep them safe from any kind of threats
  • Powerful Parental Control – Manage your child’s Internet use and App access
  • Give yourself Identity protection for online security while browsing, shopping, and banking
  • Deal with Ransomware cyberattacks and advanced threats protection
  • Strong Data Shield – Encrypt your confidential data
  • Furthermore, the Password Manager helps to secure and manage all your passwords with a single click
  • Use Cleanup Tool to speed up and improve your device’s performance
  • Quality Unlimited VPN – Anonymous browsing from many virtual locations worldwide
  • Unrestricted Premium 24/7 Technical Support

Steps For Getting Panda Antivirus Trial

To get panda free trial, you have to get it from the website. Visit the link

panda antivirus free trial

  1. And click “first month free”
  2. The page opens to display Products in your cart having the Monthly subscription with 30 free trials and giving you the essential package. You can change it to the premium by clicking the Panda Dome Premium price tag or “Buy Now” to get that offer.
  3. Next, fill customer information to give your name and last name and zip and postal code plus your country
  4. Also, supply Payment options. Give them the type of payment you prefer- Credit card or Paypal and click NEXT
  5. Furthermore, they will review your payment details and open a Panda account for you.
  6. Go to your email and click to “activate your Panda account”
  7. Log in again to Panda Account to get access to download the free trial
  8. Check ”Your Products” on your page in panda. Follow the instruction on the screen to install the panda antivirus trial on your computer.

Cancelling your free trial subscription

Log in to your Panda account, from the settings select the product you wish to cancel the subscription and click the option on the left of your personal page called “Cancel subscription”. After which you will get an email to confirm that it is cancelled.


In this post, we showed you how to get Panda antivirus trial. To download the 30 days free trial, you have to register for a Panda account and enter your credit card details. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee too. If you aren’t ready to renew, try and cancel your free trial before the offer expires to avoid being charged for a paid subscription.


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