Bullguard Free Trial Download For Mac And Windows OS

Bullguard free trial

In this post, we are exploring how you can download BullGuard free trial version for the period of 30 days or more.

Autonomous tests show that BullGuard Antivirus has the best tool for catching Malware with features having many layers of defence that form an impassable defence method. This top malware catch rate has been verified by independent test labs. Also, it works at lightning pace for gaming. Furthermore, it has a strong and total defence system for the Windows PC that you cannot get from other antivirus software. With these outstanding qualities, we know that you would love to get this software.

BullGuard free trial version

BullGuard free trial: user interface

This Antivirus software is easy to use with a simple user interface. Also, the installation of the free trial version of Bullguard is quick and you can manage it with ease. Its interface is intuitive and you can easily modify it to meet your needs. Additionally, it does not matter whether you are setting the spam filter, running scans or changing the protection levels, it is smooth to use.

Does the free version stop all bugs?

Bullguard perfomance test

According to independent labs, Bullguard’s Antivirus is the best software that you can find. The reason is simple. It has both the traditional signature type detection plus the industry top behavioural detection. The fact is that you get many layers of defence that stops diverse kinds of viruses before they can gain access to your computer to infect it

Stops Unnecessary Applications

Bullguard’s Antivirus unwanted app tool instantly detects and stops unwanted programs before they modify your settings. For example, Adwares that install toolbars, Trojans or Worms have no chance to install toolbars or change your search engines settings. In addition, they cannot change your home page or even direct you to another internet browser. The Bullguard free trial version also stops all these unwanted activities instantly.


This software prevents all annoying spam messages from reaching your inbox. BullGuard’s spam filter blocks them all. Now, you are free from these unsolicited messages and also gives you protection against phishing scams on the internet.

Browsing Safely

There are malicious codes hiding on some websites. So, if you unknowingly click on a link with these codes your computer will instantly be infected and they might end up stealing data from you. However, thanks to BullGuard’s safe browsing app that warns you of hidden danger on those websites, you are totally and continuously protected.

High System Performance

After installing the Bullguard trial version, it won’t slow your computer down. This is unlike most antivirus software protection applications that slow PC’s down. This Anti-virus software was created to give your computer permanent high-speed performance So, it does not matter what you are doing with your computer the speed will never reduce. You may be playing game creating designs or even making codes, your system will perform unimpeded by Bullguard’s intelligent software. Surely its high performance is a good reason to install BullGuard free trial.

Other features and benefits in this latest free trial version of BullGuard Antivirus 19.0.366.5

  • better service health and service performance telemetry schedule
  • also, it has enhanced updater alert notification logic
  • integrated computer name in the application logs for Support troubleshooting purposes
  • there is  a remote setting to better handle the application error reports containing application logs
  • Also there in the Antivirus, you have additional experimental machine learning to Sentry
  • Bug fixes on the Antivirus have solved various crashes

System Requirements

Bullguard system requirements

Before you start installing Bullguard free trial version, ensure you have any of these operating systems. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8  and Windows 10. You must also have minimum space of about 1GB RAM and 850MB free hard disk space.


The developer’s website is www.bullguard.com. The Product developer is BullGuard Team and you can learn more at their official website. Additionally, the software is the latest version of the antivirus software.

How to download BullGuard free trial

The free antivirus software is available for download at the developer’s website. Just click this link to visit it now and get the latest Bullguards Internet security for your computer. Go now and get the BullGuard free trial.

Bullguard free trial download


In this post, we showed you how to download the BullGuard free trial. The internet security software is intelligent and virus, malware, Trojans, worms and more don’t stand a chance against this latest antivirus software. Get it now. You can use it for 1 month 30 free.


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