Prezi Free Trial – Steps to get it free

Are you a teacher, student or professional speaker and need to create immersive presentations that would benefit your audience, pay attention. Also, if you have ever attended a seminar or been taught at school and knew both presentations were not only boring but you did not learn a single thing during the whole period, that is changing. There is a software resource that could change all those problems. Therefore, in this post, we will explore how you can get the Prezi free trial.

What is Prezi? Prezi helps you to arrange your thoughts and convey them in a simple way to create the needed impact quickly on your audience so that they could understand you completely. It is a unique presentation software you can use on your desktop, to change how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to take action.

What is Prezi?

So, if you want to make a sales pitch that converts more by adding graphs and photographs to the text, or teach your students better in a classroom lecture get the Prezi software. Furthermore, to motivate, and make memorable presentations that your listeners could relate to, Prezi is the software to use. This app allows you to be at your creative best. And it has an uncountable canvas that you can alter to show the relationship of your main idea in limitless possibilities. Prezi was started in 2009 by Peter Arvai and two others. As at date, the platform supports over 100 million users all over the world from Budapest, Hungary and San Francisco, California, who have been able to create over 360 million Prezi’s. Now that we have shared a bit about the functions of Prezi, let show you how to get the Prezi free trial.

Prezi Plus Plan advantages

If you would need to make advance presentation materials, then you need to use the software offline. Also, Prezi plus comes with privacy control settings and you can use the free trial for 14 days to evaluate whether you need it or not.

Guideline about Billing before you start Prezi free trial

You should note that your subscription will renew automatically every 30 days on a recurring basis. So, if you don’t want that to happen, you need to cancel at any time before the end of the trail on your Settings page.

Plans and Prices

Select one out of the plans to suit your need as an individual, business, or education using the price and their features as a guide.

The packages include:

  • basic Free, Plus at $15/mo, then you have Individual standard at $5/mo, Individual plus at $15/mo and Individual premium at $59/mo.
  • educational plus at $5 and Educational Team Contact Support.
  • business plus at $ 15/mo, small teams 3-10 Licenses and 10 licenses and above.

Prezi free trial – Steps to sign up

    1. Go to the trial page at
    2. Select a plan out of the available plans using the prices and features that meet your need as an individual, business, or education.
  1. You can choose the Standard personal use at $5/mo. Just click on the free trial button. (This plan will enable you to make presentations without any limits using their online editor. Also, you import your existing PowerPoint slides, and enjoy advanced privacy options.)
    Prezi free trial account
  2. The next step is to fill a form to enter your first name and last name, email address, and password. Then click on the Continue button. This is one of the most important parts for getting the Prezi free trial.
  3. Furthermore, you need to set up your payment method. Choose your payment method and enter the card details and then click on the Subscribe Now button. (Note that you will pay either a discounted price of $5 if you pay for a year or monthly billed at $10/mo.)
  4. After payment, you will get access to your personal page at Prezi and begin the 14 days Prezi free trial.

Learn How to use the Prezi Software

To maximize the Prezi free trial, start by visiting your personal Dashboard. Also,  personalize your account settings, then create a presentation and share it with others. Additionally, you can integrate mobile and desktop apps and manage your teams. To learn more visit this page.

Can you get Prezi Desktop free trial?

Yes. You have a free version of the software although it has limited features. But you can use it at any time to create, store, and share exciting presentations online for others to see. But, you cannot use it offline. Although, if you a student or teacher, you could explore the options to use the product free.


In this post, we looked at how to download Prezi free trial. In addition, you can get the software for your desktop by visiting the trial page and entering your payment details. Furthermore, you can use the software for 14 days to evaluate the product. But, to avoid recurring billing, cancel the trial before it expires.