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Spyzie free trial demo

In this article, you will learn how to get Spyzie free trial in simple steps and how to use this software to monitor iPhone, iPad and Android devices ethically. Do you wonder where your children are and want to know and keep them safe? Are you aware that you can track everything on a phone? Do you have a small business and wish to observe what your employees are doing and saying? Do you want to know where they are and monitor the use of your business mobile phone to safeguard your intellectual property? If yes, then pay attention as we explore the features of Spyzie’s full spy solution. What is Spyzie and what does it do?

Spyzie allows you to track everything on the phone. For example, you can quietly keep an eye on all communications, locations and the target Smartphone user’s actions from any web browser. The developers claim that Spyzie is the only spy phone that has more than 150 astonishing features. Moreover, some of the features of the Spyzie software include a comprehensive Phone Spy Solution, that tracks SMS data messages, Call Logs and social Apps. Besides, the software Capture Screenshots, Locations, Keylogger, Emails, and Contacts. Furthermore, it tracks Photos, Browser and WiFi Logger and so on. And the Spyzie software has complete support for iOS and Android devices like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorolla, LG, and Sony. Let us begin the tutorial to give you the best way to get Spyzie free trial now.

Steps to start Spyzie free trial

  1. Go to the Spyzie trial website at https://www.spyzie.com/ad/phone-spy.html
  2. Click on Try Now to register or create an account.
    Spyzie free trial demo
  3. Enter your email and password and click to accept Spyzie term of use and check the box beside “I would like to be contacted” and click on the Sign Up Button.
  4. Next, select the target device to be monitored. Choose “Android” or “iOS” or I’m not sure.
  5. Also, choose one option. Let us click on the Android device. And the options are Basic version at $29.99, Pro Version at $39.99 and Ultimate Version at $49.99. You will see the price so click on the buy now.
  6. Next, enter Billing Information and click on Secure Checkout.
  7. At this point, all you need to do is to complete the setup process to monitor a target phone device.
  8. It involves getting a target device, installing the Spyzie software and viewing the data.
  9. Enjoy the Free account and watch the DEMO as there is no Spyzie Free trial.

How to monitor an iPhone or Ipad Device

  1. Register or create an account and Click on Try Now.
  2. Then, pay for a premium plan because there is no Spyzie free trial.
  3. And then complete the setup process.
  4. The process includes filling the target person’s name, age, and selecting the operating system the target persons phone uses, for example, if it is an IOS device enter the person’s ICloud ID and the password of the target phone and click on Verify tab. Also, activate the ICloud sync and backup on the device.
  5. Gain access to Control Panel and view data from the device you are monitoring. After setup and verifying the ICloud, go into the control panel of the target phone to sync the data on the phone in minutes.
  6. Also, every time you sign in to the account from your phone or desktop the newest data is pushed automatically to you. Note that if the target device is switched off or disconnected from the internet, the information on the phone will not be updated.

How to Monitor Andriod Phone (No Rooting)

  1. Register or create an account and Click on Try Now.
    Spyzie Start Now button
  2. Select a plan and pay because there is no Spyzie free trial.
  3. And complete the setup process. (These are the steps. Install Spyzie app on the target Android device, Next enter a name to identify the owner, and choose the operating system of the target phone by selecting Android).
  4. First, click on setting and locate the “Lock Screen” tab and enable the “Unknown sources” Option and Click on “OK”.
  5. Next, download and install the monitoring app. Locate the app download link on the Spyzie setup wizard page. After the download ends, Now find the APK file on the Notification pane or “Download” folder of the Android phone.
  6. Now, open the Spyzie app you have just installed then sign in to your Spyzie account (Next, Accept user agreement) then click on Start, to put the Device Administrator service on. Once you finish granting all permission, the app will work in stealth mode. Click on Start Monitoring to delete the Spyzie icon automatically from the device.
  7. Next, View Monitored Data from the Control panel. So, after successfully installing the Syzie on the target phone go to your own phone or the computer to finish the setup process. Access the wizard page by visiting my Spyzie dashboard.
  8. This will allow the phone to sync all the data from the target device. Click the refresh button on your dashboard to give you the latest information.
  9. Note that if the Andriod phone is switched off or not connected to the internet, the Spyzie Server will not be able to send new information to your control panel.

Advantages of using the Spyzie free trial service

They include:

  • monitoring target device in real-time with ease
  • Furthermore, you have full privacy protection
  • global customer support by email
  • and the software does not root your device
  • And it does not have unrestricted access to the phones operating the system.
  • Additionally, it supports many devices.

Spyzie advantages


In this article, we shared how to get the Spyzie free trial and how to monitor iOS and Android devices with the software ethically. But, we discovered that there is no Spyzie free trial. They offer a free account. Also, you have to pay to get access to the Spyzie software and start monitoring your target devices.