How to sign up to StackPath free trial?

StackPath is a CDN that is responsible for providing users with high level and cutting edge web services. It offers less serve loading and high speed to website. This means using this CDN on your website would help it deliver better and more effective services.   This post is going to guide you on how you can get the StackPath free trial.

StackPath CDN is the upgraded version of the old MaxCDN. StackPath has more than 36 PoPs that the former MaxCDN. Another feature it has is having all location in every single package. StackPath is powered by 45 PoPs worldwide which means that your website is cached very closely to most of your end users. It is a great choice for websites as it also accelerates it by more than 68%. This increases revenue and speed so that it can reach users from everywhere in the world. StackPath has customized caching system which can help boost the revenue and performance of your site.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It helps to increase the speed on websites by storing its static content on network of servers distributed over the world. StackPath is one of the most popular CDN that improves the experience of users visiting a site.

How to sign up to StackPath free trial

There is no free trial of StackPath available at the moment. The only thing to do if you want to use the services is sign up for StackPath. The best offer is the CDN which is available at $10 every month. Once you have signed up, you can create your account, make payment and begin to use StackPath services

Pricing of StackPath

Since there is no free trial for StackPath, you will have to choose one of its pricing plans. StackPath offers Edge delivery bundle services and Individual services. The Edge delivery pricing plans and its services are as follows:

Edge Delivery 20

This plan is for professional websites and blogs that has standard content and average traffic levels. It is about $20 every month.

  • CDN – 1TB/month Bandwidth
  • WAF – 5M/month Requests & 5 Rules
  • DNS – 2M/month DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 1 Service

Edge Delivery 200

This plan is for SMB websites, digital stores, SaaS properties and others that has rich content and moderate traffic. It is $200 every month.

  • CDN – 10TB/month Bandwidth
  • WAF – 10M/month Requests & 10 Rules
  • DNS – 5M/month DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 5 Services

Edge Delivery 2000

If you have large cloud applications, properties, and platform with advanced requirements, this is the best choice for you. It is $2000 per month.

  • CDN – 100TB/month Bandwidth
  • WAF – 50M/month Requests & 20 Rules
  • DNS – 10M/month DNS Requests
  • Monitoring – 10 Services

The other plan you can subscribe to as an individual since there is no StackPath free trial is the Individual plan. It is as follows:


This is for professional sites and blogs with standard content and traffic. It is $10 monthly.

  • 1TB/month Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Requests
  • All Global PoPs Included
  • Free Private SSL Certificate per Site
  • SSL Traffic Included
  • Network Layer DDoS Protection


This plan is also adequate for websites and blogs with standard content and traffic. It is $10 every month.

  • 10M Requests
  • 5 Custom Rules
  • Free Private SSL Certificate
  • Built-in OWASP & CMS Rules
  • Network Layer DDoS Protection
  • Application Layer DDoS Protection


This subscription helps to ensure your application and websites are available quickly to users. It is $10 per month.

  • 2M/month DNS Queries
  • Unlimited DNS Zones
  • Unlimited DNS Records
  • Global Anycast Network
  • Network Layer DDoS Protection


With this subscription plan, you will be the first to know about any performance or availability problems. It is $10 every month.

  • 5 Monitored Services
  • 34 Location Checks
  • 30-day Data Retention
  • 5-minute Check Interval

Features of StackPath

Since there is no free trial of StackPath, you need to know what you are getting into before purchasing the CDN. StackPath has lots of features which makes it one of the best out there. Its features are:

  • WebSocket Support
  • Real-Time analytics
  • Free private EdgeSSL certificate
  • Segmented downloads
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Severless scripting
  • GZIP compression
  • Custom rules creator
  • Comprehensive API
  • IPV6 &HTTP/2
  • Origin failover
  • Origin shiels
  • Full site acceleration
  • Content protection tools

Benefits of StackPath

Free trials are supposed to help you get familiar with software or apps so that you can make decision whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. Since StackPath does not offer any free trial, what you can do is be knowledgeable on how this CDN will benefit you. StackPath offers numerous benefits to users. It provides tools that help to control content caching that has high capacity SSDs and also advanced caching techniques.

EdgeRules makes it possible for StackPath to take control of how your contents are delivered. You will be able to tailor your contents and add functionalities when need be. Customization of your security measures, SEO, asset delivery, and mobile experiences will be possible.

StackPath is easy to manage and control as it is fully automated. The platform is powerful and easy to use by customers. You will have total control and unlimited accessibility over your account and services. Lastly, StackPath CDN provides a standard and advanced network which will make your content available to end users everywhere in the world. So, even without a StackPath free trial, you already know some of the great things you will get when you become one of the users of this platform.

StackPath free trial: Conclusion

In summary, StackPath does not offer any free trial for users at the moment. The best deal you can get is to sign up for any of its services, preferably the cheapest one. There is no reason to worry even if there is no free trial. StackPath is one of the best CDN out there and it will provide excellent services to your website and blogs.