How to Get Adobe After Effects for free

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After Effects is a software that Adobe Systems developed to be used in film making and also television production processes. After Effects free is a software that creates online content, presentations.and also designs cartoon characters, and so on. Also, Adobe after effect free offers an opportunity for its users to use it for 7 days with no payment.

However, it is not a video editing software. But, it is for applying effects after the editing of a raw video. Hence, graphic designers, video editors, artists, media designers, animators, and others make use of it. Additionally, it helps them do their work better and efficiently. More so, After Effects free trial is useful for so many things depending on the person using it. Therefore, the features, uses and benefits of Adobe After Effects are listed below.

Features of After Effects free

  1. Motion Graphic Templates
  2. Create virtual reality effects
  3. Create Nulls from Path Panel
  4. Helpful start screen
  5. Animations
  6. Enhanced 3d pipeline
  7. VR converter
  8. Automatically saves files in Adobe Team Project
  9. Color correction
  10. Simulation Effects

Uses of Adobe After Effects free or paid version

  1. It is used to add video effects to a plain video such as animations, logos, movie title introductions, and so on.
  2. As part of Creative Cloud software, After effects can also be synced across many machines. You can access your settings anywhere.
  3. After effects free is very fast to use.
  4. The pixel motion blur tool makes it easy to add and also enhance motion blur in After Effects free.
  5. Its cinema 4D lite tool can be used for 3D animation.
  6. Internet connection is required.
Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effect User interface

Benefits of After Effects

  1. It creates high-quality content.
  2. Makes engaging videos to audiences.
  3. It also creates a virtual reality environment with its tools.
  4. It can also animate objects like shapes and masks.
  5. After effects free also apply virtual reality effects.
After Effects
After Effects User Interface

How to download After Effects free

The only way to get Adobe After effects free is to subscribe for it, it is a professional software and it’s useful for commercial reasons. However, to get a test run of it, you can download the free trial which lasts for 7 days. Below are the tips to follow in order to download After effects free trial:

1st STEP: To start your trial, download After Effects free now.

2nd STEP: Click “start free trial”

3rd STEP: The next page will ask for your email. Input your email and click continue.

4th STEP: Add a payment method. Proceed and also click “start free trial”

5th STEP: After clicking it, the After Effects free trial will start downloading.

6th STEP: Then, at the bottom left of your system, click on the After effects file that is there and begin installing.

7th STEP: Once it finishes installing, look for the file in your applications and start using your After                      Effects trial.

Always remember to cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue paying for the After Effects program.

Pricing plans of Adobe After Effects free

The pricing of After Effects are as follows:

  1. 7 days of the free trial
  2. $29.99 for a month
  3. $19.99 per annual
  4. $239.88 per year(prepaid)

Basic system requirements for Adobe After Effects

Your computer must meet the technical requirements below to run Adobe After Effects free


  1. Processor: Multicore Intel processor (64-bit).
  2. Operating system: macOS version 10.13 or later (It does not support version 10.12).
  3. RAM: 16GB, 32GB.
  4. Hard disk: 6GB or more for installation.
  5. Resolution: 1440 x 900.
  6. GPU: 2GB VRAM.
  7. It requires an internet connection for its installation to be complete.


  1. Processor: Multicore Intel (64-bit).
  2. Operating system: Windows 10 v1703 or later.
  3. RAM: 16GB, 32GB.
  4. Hard disk: 5GB and an additional 10GB for installation.
  5. Resolution: 1280 x 1080.
  6. GPU: 2GB.
  7. It needs a stable internet connection to install.


Finally, I have explained the basic things you need to know about Adobe After Effects free download. The subscription of After Effect comes with 20GB cloud storage, a website for your portfolio, fonts and other premium features.  Now that you have downloaded After Effects on your system, you should become familiar with the software and decide whether or not you want to pay for it.


Adobe After Effects Free Trial Download (for Windows And Mac)