How To Get IPTV Reseller Free Trial

IPTV Reseller pricing

In this post, I will show you how you can get IPTV Reseller free trial. What is IPTV? It means Internet Protocol television. It is the delivery of television content using Internet Protocol networks as against the use of traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television methods. This is a different form of downloaded media. IPTV provides you with the ability to stream the source of the media on a continuous basis. Also, currently, people prefer watching Online TV channels instead of cable TV. And that is why users always search the best IPTV Resellers who provide excellent IPTV Subscriptions at the cheapest price.

So if you want to subscribe to the service or make money as a reseller you need to find the best IPTV Reseller close and get competitive rates. If you do so, you will pay less to get smooth streaming. I have searched the internet to pick a renowned service provider called IPTV Sensation. So all you need to do to start enjoying their platform is to contact them for a free trial to test their service before you buy. In this post, I will explain how to get IPTV Reseller free trial from IPTV Sensation.

IPTV Reseller free trial

What is IPTV Sensation?

IPTV Sensation is among the best premium IPTV Service providers. Also, it launched the service last year and has over 500,000 customers. As of now, it offers you a premium monthly package of the best in the market. And If you join the service, you will get over 2000 International Channels, 5000 Multilanguage VOD (EN, IT, SP),99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Immediate Delivery, and 24/7 Support. The platform supports Android APK, iOS, Kodi Plugin, and Enigma2 Plugin, EPG and CATCH UP. Besides a full Setup of their IPTV service works on any Device you have once it is installed and you can get access to exclusive HD channels for your favourite TV Shows, Movie and Sports.

Getting IPTV Reseller free trial

  1. Visit the IPTV Sensation website.
  2. And click on get your free trial Button.
  3. Then fill the form by entering your name and email address, country, and fill why you need a trial or just accept the default trial. In this case, choose the “IPTV Reseller Trial” instead of the default.
  4. Type in a message and do the reCaptcha test by typing in the verification code.
  5. Next click on Send Trial Request.
  6. After submitting the form, their agent will get back to you by email in a short while.
  7. That is actually the steps you need to use IPTV Reseller free trial.
  8. But if you stay on the website too, you will see a link to test the service for 24 hours.
  9. So click on Order Now and fill the form to give further instructions and submit order.
  10. Enter your username and password and other details in the checkout page and inspect your Order Summary and then click on continue.
  11. Then follow the onscreen instructions to get the 24 hours IPTV Reseller Trial.
  12. But note that activations will take up to 12hours, so check your email and junk mail for the activation of trial email.

What’s the IPTV sensation offers?

IPTV Sensation offers one of the best free IPTV service trials to enable you to test the quality of the service before you make a purchase. Also, it provides IPTV Subscription, IPTV Reseller IPTV Restream services plus a free trial of all these services.

How IPTV Reseller trial account works

You create an IPTV reseller account if you want to start the business of IPTV. What you will do is to sell IPTV links to your customers. And when you make a sale, your Reseller account is charged for each line you create from the account. Also, the charges to your reseller account will be less than the amount you charge a regular customer, for you to make a profit.


  • PTV Basic plan is 9.83$/month, Yearly Charged 117.97$,1 device connected
  • IPTV Premium 13.74$/month, Yearly Charged $164.99, 3 devices connected
  • 48hr Pass at 4.99$/48hr, One Time, Charged 4.99$,1 device connected

IPTV Reseller pricing


In this post, I explained the steps to get the IPTV Reseller free trial. I used the services of IPTV Sensation to demonstrate how you can get a free trial from a service provider. Also, to get a trial you need to fill a form and wait for the response from their officials. Then follow the process to test the service for 24 hours. Try it now.