How to Start MLB TV Free Trial

This tutorial will give you a guide on how to start MLB TV free trial and why you should cancel your subscription if you don’t want to go on with the subscription for any reason. MLB TV is an American pay television for watching key League Baseball games live by a high-speed Internet connection. You can listen by audio and watch video high definition quality shows of the out of market major league baseball games for a whole season. Furthermore, you have the All teams and Single team subscription plans and you can choose a monthly or annual payment structure. Because the broadcast comes directly from the MLB, you are able to stream games you like using your devices. Some of its top rate features include DVR controls, multi-view, complete game archives, catch-up and so on.

Note that these games are usually subject to blackout restrictions. So watch out for them and confirm the status of your local area. However, you can watch the game that suffered a blackout in about 90 minutes after the game ends. Now that we have the basics about MLB games, let us show you how to get the MLB TV free trial now.

MLB TV free trial

Limitation of MLB Streaming

Check local Restrictions and note the disclaimer. Games are subject to local, regional or national blackouts. So, before you subscribe, check local restrictions on the MLB website.

Starting MLB TV free trial

  1. Go to the trIal page at
  1. Choose a plan out of the available plans of Monthly at $24 and yearly at $40.99 and click on it to select a plan.
  1. Next, Enter your user name and password and login if you have an account or click on Sign up if you don’t have an account.
  1. Enter your email and password and confirm password. Next, enter your date of birth and click on the box beside I would like to receive emails.
  1. Finally, click on Register.
  1. At the new page, enter your billing information, select payment method (out of credit card, master pass or PayPal.)
  1. Next, click on Buy and Accept Terms button. Your payment card will be processed and sent for confirmation. Once it is accepted, you can start streaming your favourite MLB games on your devices.
  1. You now have the 7 days MLB tv free trial. Note that you must cancel your trial within the 7 days trial period. If you don’t you will be billed on the 8 days for one full month subscription.

Devices you can use to stream shows during the MLB TV free trial

The devices include Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Fire phone; Roku, Google TV, TiVo, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and so on.

MLB TV supported devices
MLB TV supported devices

Cancellation Policy

You are allowed to cancel your MLB.TV subscription at any time before your next billing period. And to cancel MLB.TV, go to the Manage Subscriptions section of your account or send an e-mail to [email protected].

MLB TV free trial policy

Since your subscription is a 7-day free trial of MLB.TV on the Monthly plan, be alert. Also, you may cancel the trial at any time during the 7-days and still have access to MLB.TV for the full 7 days trial. But, if you fail to cancel, your card will be billed on the 8th day for the full Monthly subscription price.

Some of the MLB TV features

Here are some of the features you will enjoy during your MLB TV free trial.

  • There is DVR control which allows you to pause and rewind games at your ease.
  • Besides you can watch up to four games at once with Multi-view feature
  • Also, watch the World Series if you subscribe to MLB.TV- All Teams, the benefit is that you will view the 2019 All-Star Game and World Series games.
  • Furthermore, you have full game archives that let you watch any game 90 minutes after it ends.
  • And Catch-up gives you a 90-second recap of any game in progress before you start watching it. However, only Apple TV 4 has this feature presently.
  • Finally, you have the home and away broadcast

MLB TV cost

When the MLB tv free trial ends, you may consider upgrading to a better and more affordable plan. Here are the plans you may consider.

  • you have the annual plan for all teams at $118.99
  • there is the $24.99 per month plan for all teams
  • and the annual plan at $91.99 for a single team

MLB TV cost


In this post, we shared how to start the MLB TV free trial. Additionally, you can get the free trial by registering on their website, selecting a plan and entering your payment card information. You can enjoy the 7 days free tv and cancel anytime to avoid being billed. Try it now but watch out for the restrictions.