Monday Free Trial – How To Sign Up To Monday Free Version

Monday free trial

Are you looking for the free version of In this post, we will show you ways to download Monday free trial version. First, let us discuss some of the features of this project management software called Monday.

Overview of free trial

This service provider was known as Dapulse in the past and it is has a leading communication application that you can use to manage teams. Also, it has the ability to sync information in one hub enabling users like agents and team members to make decisions based on facts. It is a compact and complete project management solutions.

Monday free trial features

Its major strong point is in the area of making team members collaborate and contribution to help their Departments perform at their peak.

Also, you have a logical and graphical display of progress report for team members and Departments to understand and track the progress of any project they are handling. Furthermore, the platform allows each staff to make good contributions to tasks and assignments even where they are not directly having such roles at work.

Monday free trial features

  • The give you the progress report that you can see
  • collaboration tool for many employees
  • communication tool many can use at once
  • It cost you nothing to send emails and hold meetings virtually
  • You have both Personal and public Boards
  • Has integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Pipedrive
  • Get Email notifications
  • Tag people to communicate with them
  • Receive only relevant updates
  • Collaboration easily with teams by tagging
  • New employees can start work immediately
  • Send updates by Email
  • A display of progress in visual form
  • A Board for Execution of project – in display on a big screen
  • There is a Motivational tool
  • The Knowledgebase is auto-generated, searchable, with full documentation
  • There are live comments you can see on display visually
  • You can use Adobe to copy and paste information

Monday free trial

How to sign up for Monday free trial

  1. Visit the website at and
  2. Click start your free trial. No credit card is required.
  3. To get started, enter your work email and click Get started. When you do so a page will open
  4. Complete your Account in 3 steps – Enter your Name password phone numbers and then Agree to their terms of use.
  5. When you do this, you will get an email from with a link. So open your email and click on the link to confirm it.
  6. And then log in to your personal page on the website to view your benefits for subscribing and start using the services to create the workflows you want.

Your Free Trial Period

Your Monday free trial period runs for 7 days. Also, they usually put people on free trial on their PRO plan. If you are satisfied at the expiration, buy a subscription.

When the free trial expires what next?

When your free trial version of Monday expires, you can buy a subscription that will meet your specific needs by upgrading your plan and paying for it. They have Basic at $25 per month, Standard at $39 per month, Pro at $59 per month. If you are an Enterprise, you need to contact for price. pricing

But, if you don’t want to buy a subscription since you did not supply any credit card information your account is not charged. So will close the account automatically.

Reminder to cancel your account

To cancel, do the following things:

  • Visit your Admin page
  • Choose Billing section
  • And, click on cancel your account

How to use the Templates

As you consider getting the Monday free trial version, you must also make sure you learn how to use the templates. Here are some tips you could use.

  • A simple start: To use the platform you need to select a template of workflows. There is a template for all kinds of things on the website. You can make as many as you want and modify them to your taste and needs.
  • Time to customize: Create the use for your template, put numbers, time, texts and so on. Just identify what your team is about and modify the template as such.
  • Get to work: Share your new status on the platform by inviting your team, and assign them relevant projects. Keep your files, briefs, and hold your conversation in a spot. Trash useless things. Keep all your work in just one spot or tool.
  • Enjoy the views: You enjoy a boost of productivity with the organization of your materials, files, calendars, and deadlines all at your fingertips.
  • Nail deadlines: Keep your eyes on what is vital for your success and watch the timelines and track crucial things about your work to know the progress. Also, track who you assigned projects to in your team. Finally, you can easily switch between your computer and your phone anytime to make your work easy and in your pocket.


In this post, we gave you a review of Monday free trial download version. You learned of the great features and the cost of the service. Get the service today at no cost to you. Use it and then make up your mind whether to buy the premium package.

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