Microsoft PowerPoint Free Trial (Mac/Windows 7 And 10)

Microsoft powerpoint free trial

This article is a tutorial on how you can download PowerPoint free trial. As you already know we are in the information age and everything you do today involves the use of computer and other smart devices. You can connect to the internet to get most things done easily. Also, you have Graphic design software that gives you specific outputs. So, the software you use depends on what you want to make with it. For example, in the Microsoft Suite, you have a lot of programs that you can use for different things. It has Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

Furthermore, if you wish to do some designs, with slides or make a presentation, then you must get Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use it to make slides of the presentations you want easily. The software comes already made with themes of colors, layouts, and fonts that you can select from. You can make texts in slides to explain any subject or ideas to any audience. You also make diagrams and add animations to show in practical terms any concept you wish your audience to learn with ease.

Microsoft powerpoint free trial

How To Download Powerpoint Free Trial

  • Click on this link to get this software through the Office 365. It will take you to a place where you can learn to evaluate all Microsoft products. Look for any on PowerPoint and click it or better still Click this link to take you to where you can sign in to get the free trial.
  • On that page, you will See Microsoft Powerpoint Get it now with an Office 365 Subscription. Click either buy now or Try for free. Well, just click try for free. When you hover your mouse on the Try for free you will see “For Home or business” select what you want by clicking it to get started.
  • It will take you to the next page where you will see Try Office 365 for free. Note that in certain regions free trial is not available and you will see Credit card is required. To avoid paying immediately, use another browser to start the Powerpoint free trial process and select USA or UK as Location.
  • You will also see more benefits for subscribing like a Cloud storage account for 6 people, Skype calls of 60 minutes per month, good support from Microsoft, and the product working in many devices.
  • You need to create or sign in with an existing Microsoft account. Create it by supplying them your name and surname, email and password. Verify the email address you gave to Microsoft by entering a code they will send to that email address on a form in their website. Confirm you are human by typing some Characters and click next.

Office 365 trial

  • Select how you will pay. Click either “Get started Add a way to pay” or click Next button. Note that there are three steps. Such as Select a way to pay, Review and confirm and then get Office.
  • On the next page, Microsoft will ask for your Credit Card or Debit Card or Pay Pal. Click on one to proceed.
  • Enter details of your card and click Save to proceed to the next page.
  • Once Microsoft confirms your payment method you will be directed to where you can install Office on your computer
  • Therefore, after putting your card details, Click the Subscribe button.
  • Next, select Install Office. Once you select it a message appears on the screen to“ Download and Install Office 365” to your Computer.
  • Finally, after the program finishes downloading, click Install and allow the program to run. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Microsoft office 365 application on your computer. Microsoft may ask you to customize the program as you want. Continue clicking next when they prompt you to do so.
  • After installing the Office programs on your PC, click the Start Menu to open the Microsoft office 365. Then look for PowerPoint among the programs in the Microsoft Office suite. Click it to start it and use as you want for 30 days.

Microsoft powerpoint work area

Cancelling the free subscription

Remember, that you signed up for a free trial through the Microsoft Office official website. So, visit the Microsoft Account site by signing to your account to stop the recurring billing you had authorized when you subscribed. If you stop it, Microsoft will not charge you when the free trial finishes.

Furthermore, to cancel your Microsoft office 365 trial subscription which gave you access to the powerPoint free trial, open the “Payment and billing page” and select “cancel”. After that confirm the “Cancellation”.


In this article, we explained how to get office 365 free trial download which gives you access to use powerpoint free trial.  Get it and use the free offer for one month. Also, make sure you cancel before the offer expires to avoid Microsoft charging you after the free trial finishes.

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